My Social Media Pledge

I am ashamed. I felt the need to comment on someone else’s life and they called me out on it. Albeit it was rather rude but I’m glad they did. I suddenly found myself thinking about why I felt the need to comment – her life isn’t any of my business – neither is anyone else’s, so why did I suddenly need to play God?

So now, I’m experiencing what a lot of celebrities must feel after they tweet something and then quickly delete it in the hope that it will be forgotten (without the publicist of course). I love social media but I’ve never cared to witness a twitter battle – I’ve always thought them pointless and unnecessary.

I almost went back to being an ignorant 13 year old thinking I could do whatever I wanted without a care in the world. Just for a minute I thought I had a right. But ironically I was completely wrong and I feel ashamed for even thinking that I could have the right.

I now want to take a pledge. Firstly, to think twice when tweeting anything that doesn’t concern me. Secondly, to mind my own business. And thirdly? To actively respect myself and others because I don’t want to be the rude judgemental b*tch – who does?

Maybe you’ll take this pledge me and we can become better people not just online but in the real world too.

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