Producing the films of tomorrow

Without doubt, the film world is more advanced, more realistic, and more breathtaking than ever before. When you go to the cinema today you might find yourself looking back in amazement at the quality of movies, and you might be wondering just how they create such fantastic movies?

Using a range of special effects, moviemakers have managed to push the boundaries of cinema year on year, with CGI and other effects used in postproduction to create technical masterpieces like you have never seen before.

Ever fancied yourself as a moviemaker? Here are the best post-production effects currently used in film:



The most common post-production effect and used in absolutely every movie made in recent times, CGI allows producers to add computer graphics in the terms of images, video, and other computer generated components to the big screen. CGI allows moviemakers to create those big end fight scenes, explosions, car chases, anything that couldn’t be filmed in the real world, will most certainly be added to the movie using CGI.


Sound effects

Do you ever watch a film and believe that the sound of the explosion is so good it almost gives you the impression that you are right there in the thick of the action? Well, sound effects are used by filmmakers to boost the background noise, the surround sound, and the atmosphere of the scene that is being acted out to give audiences added quality sound effects.


Adding the soundtrack

Now, what is a film without the use of music to stir the emotions of the viewer? Sound effects are used to complement the visual components of the film, with some scenes remembered more for the sweet composition of sound rather than the onscreen acting and visuals, such is the draw of sound today.


Colour editing

We are all prone to a little colour editing of our Instagram pictures before posting online, and the same can be said for films today. Creating mood by editing the colour of a sky into a bright sunny day to signify happy times, or a dark and gloomy day for Batman-esque action films, colour plays a big role in the final product of cinema today.


So, now that you know just what happens in post-production, do you still fancy yourself as a future film producer or maker? It is never too late to start to learn, and never too late to have a dream in the film industry.

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Are you a filmmaker? Or perhaps someone looking to get into the film industry? Let us know your top tips for producing movies and content in the comments below.

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