Film Review- Spooks: The Greater Good

When a high-profile terrorist escapes MI5 custody there is a race against time to save the reputation of the British security intelligence and the city of London. After he successfully escapes, Qasim (Elyes Gabel) threatens to reign terror over the capital. Harry Pearce, the Head of Counter-terrorism, is blamed for Qasim’s escape and he subsequently vanishes. The clock is ticking and it seems that time is running out for MI5 to locate both Harry and Qasim and prevent the imminent attack on the city. As accusations are thrown and suspicions increase, former agent Will Holloway is brought in from Moscow to locate Pearce and save the people of London. The film is based on the BBC TV series Spooks, which graced our screens for a total of ten seasons. Fans of the show will be reacquainted with the familiar face of Peter Firth who reprises his role as the perplexing Harry Pearce, showing that he “still has a trick or two”. This fast-paced thriller launches you into the centre of the chaos with the frequent use of dynamic high-angle and spectacular helicopter shots in this masterful piece of cinematography.

Kit Harington adopts the role of Will Holloway, a decommissioned section D agent, in this thriller. Holloway embarks on a deadly game of cat and mouse as the entire city of London is in jeopardy at the hands of a notoriously ruthless and calculated criminal. Audiences may recognise Harington and Gabel from the popular television series Games of Thrones which they both currently star in. To enable him to embody this character with true authenticity Harington trained with an ex-SAS soldier prior to filming; his newly acquired skills are repeatedly put to the test throughout the film. Harington’s performance as Holloway is incredibly impressive and contrasts his role of Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. His role as the former agent sees him swap his sword for some more hi-tech equipment. The on-screen relationship between Holloway and Pearce is the epitome of tumultuous as Holloway desperately battles with his own sense of morality and his own issues with Pearce.

Released on May 8th 2015, this 104 minute high-octane ride has been devised with intelligence and sophistication whilst giving you the excitement, explosions and enigmas that you’ve been craving. The film is a cocktail of sacrifice, betrayal and morality, each of which has intricately been crafted under the framework of the classic TV series. Even if you’re not a fan of the TV series, Spooks: The Greater Good can be appreciated by anyone with a love for dramatic action thrillers. Although this home-grown production did not have the budget of films of the same vein, such as Bourne, the sense of drama which has been captured in the camera movements, characterisations and soundtrack have combined to create a stunning example of British cinema.

Throughout the film audiences are treated to astounding aesthetics through the variety of shots used to illustrate London and the turmoil which is rapidly unfolding. The portrayal of each of the characters has been done with effortless skill and finesse in this tremendously tense action thriller. If you’ve been looking for a British film with a complex blend of chaos, conflict and suspense, this is the film for you.

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