Two British events that make June great

We’re into the month of June, where we’re all hoping that we’ll get some real summer sunshine at last, following May’s dismal weather performance. But what’s the point of celebrating June, you might think, when there are no bank holiday Mondays?

This may be true, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to be cheerful in June. For starters, the team at JUST EAT have decided to make us all ‘appy with their #minifistpump Mondays.

JUST EAT is giving its customers the chance to win a free order each and every Monday in June. Any order placed between 6.30pm and 8.30pm will be entered into a draw and if your order is picked, you’ll get it free of charge.

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The JUST EAT app gives you access to over 20,000 restaurants and makes it really easy for you to order, filtering your choices – by postcode, by cuisine, and even by how other customers have rated the restaurants.

So what else does June have in store for us that will make us ‘appy? There may not be any bank holidays, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to look forward to. Even though you may not be able to get time off work to go to any of the great events that are taking place around the country, many of them will be shown on TV. Two of the best are Wimbledon and Glastonbury, both of which spill over into the working week and make the Mondays they fall on feel more like the weekend.



7245385054_df80593936_zThe oldest tennis Grand Slam, and surely the best? There’s nothing that quite sums up the start of summer than Wimbledon. And will Britain’s Andy Murray make us all ‘appy by winning the Men’s Singles again? He managed it in 2013 and made the whole country proud. Last year, things were looking good, but he went out in the quarter-finals. Could he bring a smile to our faces this year? While it’s all very nice to sit on Murray Mound at Wimbledon and show your support of the brave Scot, it’s far easier to host Murray match nights at home with some mates, and order a takeaway so you don’t need to tear your eyes away from the tennis action for a moment. Murray’s a fan of the #minifistpump every time he gets a great shot, we see his arm pumping, fist clenched. Maybe he’s a JUST EAT fan, too.

Wimbledon offers up a fortnight of TV viewing that makes every day feel like the weekend, as we all get absorbed in the Championship. Yes, you may have to work around it, but there’s tennis on the telly whenever you switch on, so soak up that extended weekend feeling all the way through Wimbledon.



From 24-28 June there’s the biggest and best music festival in Glastonbury – four days of music and mud madness. But you don’t have to spend the weekend up to your knees in mud and queuing for a Portaloo. You can take the easy option and watch the BBC coverage and order your food in so you don’t miss a moment. All the acts, all the excitement and none of the mud. This is a much more civilised way to ‘do’ Glastonbury. That’s another #minifistpump right there! Check out the line-up now and see who’s playing when. If there’s an act that you just have to see ‘live’ on the Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, then make it your business to have a day of holiday and give yourself an extended weekend. You may even need to take the Monday off to recover if you stay up late on Sunday to watch The Who or The Chemical Brothers perform the closing numbers!

Wimbledon and Glastonbury get plenty of TV coverage and can become even more compulsive viewing when you don’t need to break off to cook, thanks to  JUST EAT. There’s a case to be made to going to these kinds of events in person at least once in your life, but for anyone who likes an easy life, there’s always the at-home alternative.

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