High Street Brands VS. The Underdog: Subtle Features

How often do you see someone else, wearing the exact same top as you? Or sporting the same snap back or handbag? As often as you see a red car I’d say.You have your standard high street fashion, and these brands have now moved onto the internet, which makes it even easier for “originality” to be done more than twice over.As big as the Internet is, what we fail to see is the small, independent businesses that could easily flourish with a bit of networking and elbow grease.Introducing Subtle Features: a new and upcoming UK clothing line that caters for all.

Established in the year of 2013, Subtle Features Ltd. (SF for short), was on hiatus for a year, but is now ready to mark its territory in the UK, and eventually internationally.With pieces that provide comfort and style, Subtle Features caters for a vast audience; this includes a children’s range as well as adults. Subtle Features will launch during the months of June and July, and by the time you read this, SF will have partaken in a soft launch, via a mini fashion show.

This one man business has been funded and executed by entrepreneur Duane Herbert. Although this is his first solo business, he has worked on and executed a number of business plans and projects.

So what makes Subtle Features different? With their brand slogan:

“Versatile, and always in style. Accentuate your physique.”

This speaks for itself, and has set high expectations for the brand.

Each accessory and item of clothing is suitable for everyday use, without the usual practice of loud, vibrant patterns and logos. At the end of last year, a number of winter accessories were available, including hats, scarves and snoods. This season is set to be different!


Accessories and Clothing to look out for include, but not restricted to:


Men: T-shirts, Vest and Snapbacks.

Women: T-shirts and T-shirt dresses.

Kids: T-shirts and Hoodies.

For further information visit Subtle Features on Instagram @SubtleFeatures



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