8 Natural Ways to Treat Hemorrhoids

We have all experienced the unpleasantness of bathroom issues. When we strain in this manner, we put excess pressure on the tissues and veins, which makes us all high risk for developing hemorrhoids.

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids include anal itch, rectal pain, bleeding during bowel movements and internal or external bulges. Although synthetic topicals and stool softeners are often suggested as ways to remedy hemorrhoids, those methods are merely cover-ups and the hemorrhoids usually reoccur. Like any other disorder, the best way to remedy hemorrhoids is to get to the root cause and naturally treat it so that it goes quickly and never returns. 

Below are eight natural ways to do so.


Get a physical: Reoccurring hemorrhoids can be a symptom of a pre-existing condition, therefore, you should visit your doctor to get a blood-work physical. The results of the bloodwork will eliminate the concern of any more serious disorders. Additionally, hemorrhoids can be a result of pregnancy.


Increase fiber intake: Fiber is a necessary component to the digestive system – diets lacking fiber can cause constipation which translates into strained bowel movements. You can introduce fiber into your diet by eating more dried and fresh fruit, legumes, nuts and grain. 


Apply natural topicals: Many synthetic topicals are formulated with chemicals that can pose health issues. Therefore, it is important that you only apply natural hemorrhoids products to the affected area. Look for natural aids that are formulated with essential oils that can effectively combat inflammation and pain. 


Stress less: Stressing can cause you to subconsciously strain during bowel movements which can result in hemorrhoids, therefore, it is important that you find appropriate ways to deter the stressors in your life. You can try meditation, breathing exercises or therapy. 


Drink lots of water: Water is a natural detoxer that encourages softer stools. Make an effort to consume at least eight glasses of pure water every day. 


Administer sporadic colon cleanses: Colon cleanses helps to sweep away built-up toxins that can cause the stools to dry and make it harder to eliminate. Cleansing your colon once every three to six months with a natural based cleanser should be enough.


Increase good bacteria: The digestive tract is full of good and bad bacteria, sometimes the bad bacteria overtake the good ones and causes symptoms such as bloat, diarrhea and constipation. Bad bacteria usually grow due to the use of synthetic antibiotics. However, you can increase your intake of good bacteria by including a natural probiotic supplement into your diet and by eating low fat yogurt as well as lacto-fermented foods. 


Eliminate triggers: Many chemicals found in cigarettes and alcohol can cause digestive issues that can encourage hemorrhoids. Make an effort to eliminate these triggers.


Hemorrhoids are generally not problematic, and when treated naturally the symptoms usually subside within a few short weeks. However, please visit with your doctor if your hemorrhoids seem more severe or the symptoms worsen.

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