Product Review: Weston’s Old Rosie Cloudy Cider


Let’s face it, cider is probably the tastiest alcohol out there. Beer tastes like dirty water, vodka burns your insides, wine gives you terrible acid the next day… and surely no one actually likes bitter? That being said, there are some brands out there that tarnish cider’s reputation somewhat. White Lightning, for example, tastes like fermented grass; I’m pretty sure they don’t use apples in the production of this tosh. Strongbow on the other hand is only consumed because it’s cheap (guilty as charged). With big names like these hogging the limelight, what hope is there? There is only one answer to this question: Weston’s Old Rosie Cloudy Cider.

If you’ve never tried this beverage before, then you really need to. Don’t be put off by the questionable pigmentation; just take a gulp and go with the flow. As soon as you’ve experienced the warm, fuzzy sensation make its way down your esophagus you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say ‘there ain’t nothing better.’ It’s tasty, crisp, and refreshing; the three things all ciders should aspire to being.

Make no mistake, Old Rosie is no scrumpy. It’s cloudy, sure, but it’s also a little fizzy. The added fizz compliments it if anything; it’s not gassy, nor does it give you acid (unless you wish do down a whole bottle in 3 seconds, which I don’t recommend). Approach this harsh mistress with caution though. Rosie is strong, sitting at a neat , and not-too-forgiving 7.3%.

If you’re a cider lover Old Rosie will definitely be up your street. If you’re not then you should try it anyway. It will enlighten you; unlike the vast majority of ciders out there, it actually tastes like apples. Fortunately you’re unlikely to forget you’re drinking alcohol, as it may hit you rather quickly. Three pints should out to be more than enough. If you can handle any more than that, you probably need to see someone.

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