So. Cal Perfect for Summer

Taking a vacation allows people to spend quality time with their family and friends. In addition, getting away from home for a while allows vacationers to relax and forget their problems. Also, vacations offer the opportunity to learn and see new things, as well as let loose and have a good time.

One of the most popular places to spend time during the summer is in beautiful Southern California. This part of the country has much to offer visitors including the climate and environment, nightlife and attractions, and educational opportunities. Many are finding southern California a place they like to frequent, which makes timeshares and other rental options more attractive. This prime location has proved a terrific summer vacation spot.


Climate and Environment

The first reason why many love to go to southern California to enjoy themselves during the summer is the climate and the environment. Southern California boasts some of the bets weather in the country. Located on the Pacific Ocean, this area experiences moderate temperatures throughout the year. In San Diego the weather is sunny almost 70% of the time.

Another big reason is to head to the beach, of which southern California has plenty. This area offers world-famous beaches like Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, in addition to smaller beaches all up and down the coastline that provide a perfect spot to surf, take a walk, or just sit and unwind. Southern California also offers a multitude of outdoors activities for visitors to enjoy including hiking, climbing, biking, and many more.


Attractions and Nightlife

When people come to California however, they don’t just spend all their time at the beach. Southern California offers world-class nightlife and attractions for the whole group to enjoy. Many are drawn to the nightlife and all the options for food, drink, and entertainment. This area of the country supports 10 professional sports teams across MLB, MLS, the NBA, WNBA, NFL, and NHL. This is in addition to the movie culture of Hollywood that many visitors come to enjoy; for example, the walk of fame.

In addition, there is an endless amount of amusement and theme parks in this part of California. Some of the most popular are Disneyland, LEGOLAND, Universal Studios, Six Flax, and Sea World. These are great day-trips for families looking to enjoy themselves. Many locations offer roller coasters as well as water parks, which can both be entered for one price. There is never any shortage of things to do in California.


Educational Value

While many don’t immediately think of the educational value of this area when they decide to visit, but there are serious cultural benefits to visiting southern California. You don’t have to spend all your time in boring museums (unless that’s your thing) in order to learn something on a vacation.

With its close proximity to Mexico, this area of California is characterized by its rich Mexican-American culture. Many of the towns along the coast were old Spanish mission towns, and still possess much of the historic architecture intact. Just walking down the streets in Old Town San Diego can be a history lesson in itself. This mixture of cultures in the southwest is a great way to learn about many things like a different way of life, style of food, type of dress, etc.



Room and Board

With all the benefits that southern California has to offer, the only question left to ask is where to stay when you get there. Many take advantage of the five-star hotels that this area has to offer. With locations right on the beach, many of these resorts offer world-class attractions in house.

Another way that many choose to enjoy this area is through Welk timeshare ownership. The number of people purchasing timeshares is on the rise due to the feasibility and convenience of the agreement. Timeshares allow different families or parties to use the location as a vacation home for an allotted time through the year. The time is pre-agreed to and allows different families to share the cost of something they otherwise wouldn’t be able to purchase.

A big reason that many are using timeshares as their home-base during a California vacation is for the locations. For example, Welk timeshare locations are scattered through the state, giving visitors plenty of options based on what they like to do. If you are an outdoorsy person, a timeshare closer to Lake Tahoe may be the location for you. However, if you just want to sit back and relax, something closer to one of southern California’s many beaches might be better. Wherever you choose to stay, and whatever you choose to do, southern California is sure to have everything you need to enjoy your summer vacation.

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