5 ideas for your child birthday

If you’re already worried about just how you’re going to celebrate your child’s upcoming birthday, worry not! We have put together 5 of the most popular ideas for throwing an awesome celebration. In a recent article in The Express, it was found that nearly half of British parents spend up to 20 hours preparing their child’s birthday cake, when you consider how much more goes into planning a party, why not consider letting an expert do the hard work for you. These party ideas are the perfect start point for those looking for cool themes or for ideas for companies that really do take care of everything.

Princess Parties

With Frozen still riding high as one of the most popular films for young girls, chances are your little one will still love to spend her special day with Elsa and Co. Many companies around the UK offer their own princess party packages that include a visit from their favourite characters and plenty of activities that are truly fit for royalty.

Bubble Football

Looking for something that will really tire them out? Why not consider booking a bubble football game? This fun filled game combines football with fantastic Zorb bubbles that are designed to add an extra level of fun to the game. Companies such as Xtreme Events are skilled in hosting these exciting days, it’s bound to be one to remember!

Lego Party

Just like in the Lego movie, if you opt to throw a Lego party for your little one, everything really will be awesome! This classic block game took on a world of its own over the last few years, spawning more video games and even a movie. Lego is a great theme for a party as it is so simple. Choose bright colours, have Lego building stations and look for companies that hire costumes of famous Lego men.

My First Festival

If you have a budding Taylor Swift or perhaps a One Direction member in your midst, why not give them centre stage with their own festival. This works well as a summer party, however if the weather does not hold out, it will make it that much more authentic. Erect tents in the garden, fire up the BBQ and plug in a karaoke machine! Why not create individual festival wristbands for the attendees.

Back Garden Safari

Finally, why not get back to nature with a back garden safari? Animal experiences are the perfect way to entertain the children, whilst also teaching them something throughout the day. There are plenty of companies such as Corner Exotics, that travel the UK and bring the animals to you. Whether it is holding a snake or learning about spiders, it will certainly provide some fantastic photo opportunities.

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