My degree isn’t my career, and that’s okay!

I graduated almost a year ago from university with a BA Hons in Broadcast Production, TV and Radio to those asking. I worked damn hard to get my degree and I cried like a baby when I graduated, I also cried like a baby when I realised that I wasn’t a student anymore but that is for a different post!

When I was thinking in third year about what I would be doing when I graduated I never thought I would be working in a job like I am. That’s the thing though, when you’re sitting wondering about your future sometimes real life takes you somewhere you never thought you would go or be.

I had all of these plans that I would have done by the time I reached the age I am now. Back when I was 17 I had all of these things on my list to have done before I was 24, I am 24 in May next year and my life hasn’t really gone the way I had planned.


– I would have a degree in english or geography or music

– I would have my own flat in a cool area of the city

– I would be engaged and thinking about starting a family

– I would have a well paid job and a decent wage every month

– I would have a nice car

– I would be going on really cool holidays every other month

– I would have mad crazy adventures during the weekend (randomly getting on a plane and going to Paris)


These are just a few things that I thought would have happened by now but now when I have gotten to this age the only thing I say to these things are HA NO WAY! For one my degree is not in english, geography or music, I still live with my parents, I am so so so NOT ready to be engaged or start a family, I have just gotten a job after my internship (and it’s only part time), I do have a great wee car though (she’s called Roxanne!), I have been on one holiday since I was 17 and well sometimes I do have crazy adventures but they usually involve my car and not a plane!

Some of these things I thought were very unrealistic however what I have discovered is that the main theme of these wishes and wants actually came true!


– I HAVE a degree

– I have a great relationship with my parents and I have my independence

– I have a fantastic boyfriend of 3 and a half years who supports me in all my crazy dreams and ambitions

– I have a car!

– I dream of adventure every day but I am not financially in a position to go on holiday all the time, but the dream is still alive!

– To live my life as a great adventure


My ideal job when I was thinking of graduating was a radio dj for a great rock station where my show would thrive. Now when I think about it right now I don’t want to do that. Perhaps one day I will return to Radio stuff, I may even make a podcast of some sort in my spare time but I had a few really bad experiences with radio and the people involved in radio and it just really made me want out, so I left! I love making video projects and recently made a film for an arts and film festival I worked for which went on their Youtube channel. I love making videos so maybe one day I will edit films or media stuff but for right now all I want to do is write, play music and organise events! I am looking at starting my own event company, I mean who knows if it will actually take off but if you don’t try something you’ll regret it!

My degree isn’t my career and all the plans I had when I was younger haven’t happened, my friends have changed a lot and who I spend my time with has changed a lot, I have changed a lot but I think the one thing you can really hold on to when life goes through it’s ups and downs is that no matter what if you can hold on to the essence of you, you will be just fine and maybe you’ll be even better than what you thought!

My life didn’t happen the way I thought it was going to but hey it’s actually better than I ever thought it could be!

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