A Future Freedom for Diabetics

In newly published research from ‘New Scientist‘ it’s been proposed that a device simply known as a probe or dipstick could be used to check insulin levels… by way of the brain.

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm published their medical guidelines in July on their research into a process known as brain microdyalisis. The employment of this method was life saving for a stroke patient whom although hooked up to a machine to her levels had a dropped which can cause irreparable brain tissue damage in already ill/diagnosed patients. A probe is taken and placed into the brain to decipher blood glucose levels.

This possible move in medicine could prove to be incredibly crucial in preventing deaths of diabetic sufferers  in hospital. Many diabetics lose their life under hospital and paramedic care due to lack of glucose monitoring.

Margaret Pitt from Redditch died in 2010 after it was found staff were negligent in treating her low blood sugar.

While there has been no proposal for any trial of microdyalisis in the UK or US  – a new technology (CGM) is in the works. This is also known as Continuous Glucose Monitoring; it gives people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes the ability to get readings of their glucose without having to prick their finger to do so.The monitor can also predict hypo and hyper sugar levels. Although some of the cons include the widespread availability of CGM as well as possible costs and diabetics having to relearn a new way of living with their condition.

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