Winter Blues? Fun ways to get over the winter misery

Hands up who loves winter? No? Anyone? We didn’t think so.

With most of us spending our days hoping against hope for a glimmer of sunshine, winter is in full swing with scarfs and gloves a regular accessory to clothing – along with a nice side of misery.

Winter blues seems like the perfect excuse to curl up in a large ball and spend the winter period with a hot chocolate and nice warm blanket, just wishing the months away until spring is here.

However, to help you get over the winter blues, we are going to show you just how much fun you can have in winter! That’s right, the F word – fun!


Take a winter holiday

An obvious choice perhaps, but skiing holidays are a great way to put the fun into winter. Naturally not everyone can afford a skiing holiday, but if that is the case, a short winter break can be a lot cheaper in the winter period than in the summer, and did we mention how beautiful Rome is in December? Amazing.


Read that new book

Reading a book properly takes time, and time is something that we all have a lot of on our hands during the winter period. That book that you have been putting off due to friends and engagements outside, well now would be the best time to immerse yourself into imagination land and put that book to good use.


Download some new apps

With thousands of apps to choose from, you could easily spend hours on end downloading and playing the latest craze from the app store. With the weather being too cold to head out, download a game of bingo and play with friends around the world and find yourself in with a chance of turning a boring evening into a profitable one. Go for bingo games and choose from some of the best online games today.


Winter markets

Most large cities around the world will have a winter market opening in the colder months of the year. What better way to spend a day than by heading out for some mulled wine? Winter markets are fascinating and a must visit in every winter period.


Ice skating

For those of you who can, outside ice skating rinks open up in winter and are one of the best places to spend an afternoon, not to mention a first date! Ice skating can be tricky, but a fantastic and fun pastime, or failing that, a great way to show off your non-balancing skills by spending most of the time on the floor!


Netflix binge

If all else fails, a Netflix binge is good at any time of the year, and the winter period is just the perfect excuse to catch up the latest TV series and episodes of your favourite shows. Be warned, one Netflix episode can easily turn into 5, and 5 can easily turn into 3 days of non-movement, so watch with caution and remember, people need food too.


So what will you be doing this winter? Any suggestions to beat the winter blues and fun things to do in December are welcome in the comments below.

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