Christmas is in the air! It’s that time of year again with shopping centres, schools, houses, and streets filled with beautifully decorated Christmas trees, the smell of pine wafting in the air, colourful decorative lights, and Santa’s jolly and merry face. The annual shopping spree for Christmas gifts has already begun for some, but is this truly the Christmas spirit?

Historically speaking, this has not always been the case. Christmas is actually about something completely different. It is about a new beginning, bringing hope, and giving to others. Let’s become a light of warmth and joy for someone else this season. Rather than buying the typical tie, scarf, or questionably designed Christmas jumper, why not use this money and make a difference in someone’s future?

We here at LAFF (the Latin American Foundation for the Future), a British charity organisation, are working to improve the lives of young people and children in Peru through education, vocational training, and personal development. This year, LAFF is sponsoring a Christmas campaign to help children in Peru.


How does it work?

1) Access

2) You can donate money on behalf of your family and friends at the easy click of a button.

3) Your family and friends will receive a certificate for being LAFF supporters and donors.


For instance, instead of giving a £5 Christmas card to a loved one, you can use the same money and help fund a personal development workshop to Alfredo, Carmen or any of the hundreds of children, youth and women that LAFF and its partners support. Your loved ones will receive a card recognising your selfless act done on their behalf and will enjoy Christmas knowing that they made a difference.

Let’s spread generosity and help create a future for children in Peru!




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