Like to run? Make It Bright with Diadora

Fitness is an important aspect of every day life. We all like to try and keep fit in our own way, whether that is going to the gym, sports club, or heading to the great outside world for a refreshing run feeling the clean air on your face.

Iconic Italian brand Diadora has gone to extraordinary lengths to show just how fun and inspiring running out side can be, in the shape of their new campaign – a campaign of joy.

Did you know that the word Diadora comes from a Greek word which means ”to share gifts and honour’s” – and this is exactly what Diadora achieved with this campaign.

This campaign had one aim: to make an everyday occurrence into something joyful and epic, and we think they have succeeded. For the campaign, one lucky Diadora customer ordered a pair of N9000 – setting out a remarkable chain of events in the form of one of the most inspiring relay runs to deliver the new shoes by foot.

The incredible journey, heading across 1,500km of various terrains and landscapes of Southern Europe saw runners from aged between 19 – 56 from 10 different countries play a vital role in delivering the shoebox from headquarters in Milan to the final delivery address in Barcelona.

Progressing through Europe one day at a time, the campaign featured daily live broadcasts giving spectators the opportunity to get to know the runners and follow the progression of the package through social media to the final destination. Captured for an online documentary, you can re-watch and enjoy the whole experience over again.

Sportswear_N9000Made In Italy_3

So next time you go for a run, remember to Make It Bright and have a run of joy!

Sponsored by Diadora.

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