The Coolest Things You Can Do With Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are used in almost all simple electronic gadgets and when they are no longer used, we discard them in the bin, or a proper recycling container. With so many redundant PCBs floating around, it is nice if they can be utilised to make some other useful things. Here are a few ideas on how to make simple but useful gadgets, using old PCBs.


A Simple Stereo Amplifier

This is a really useful thing, as you can connect it to your PC and it will give your volume a much needed boost. It is a nice project for a beginner, as it only requires a few components. A standard strip board, a few resistors and capacitors are really all you need. A couple of hours should see your stereo amplifier up and running. Then you need to construct a box to house it in, this can be made from any small electronic device case. This little device powers up your volume, and can be used on a number of platforms. All the details can be found here.


Wi-Fi Radio

Whilst to some it may be much easier to simply buy a Wi-Fi Radio, others take great enjoyment from building one from scratch. Check out this guy, for example; he even dedicated a lot of time designing and building the case in order to make look it look as professional as possible. This one isn’t



Are you sick of doing things for yourself? Tired of washing your own clothes and dishes? If the answer to those two questions is yes, then you need a robot in your life. These robots will literally do anything for you, whether it’s drive you to work or wash your hair. OK, maybe they don’t do those things, but they are still pretty coo. This robot kit is good a start; it has wheels!



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Quadrotor! For those of you aren’t in the know, a Quadrotor is essentially a small robotic multirotor helicopter; it’s a bit like a DIY drone, but it looks like even more fun. This guide to building a PCB Quadrotor should get you started. It all looks a little bit fiddly, but there’s no doubt that the effort will all be worth it when you see the device soaring through the air like robotic eagle.


Cool kits to help build projects

If you aren’t ready to make your own project from scratch, don’t beat yourself up. Just the thought of getting started on one of the above ideas made my head spin. Thankfully, a reputable company like Makersify can supply you with many project kits to get you started. Some of the great gadgets you can create include,

  • Nanocopter drones
  • A robot kit
  • DIY speaker kit

With many more available, the sky is the limit. Simple kits like these will enhance your electronics capability, and then you can move onto more challenging projects.

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