Why taking a third year abroad could be good for you

The Erasmus year or a third year abroad,  was once exclusive only to those studying languages has become an increasingly attractive option to other undergrads. Not only are students given the opportunity to study in a European University free of charge, there is the opportunity to take on a work placement supplemented by the Erasmus grant. Not keen on committing to a full year? No problem. Placements can start from as little as three months. Read on to learn the benefits of a year abroad.


Stand Out From The Crowd

Everywhere you look, articles, blogs and social media posts are constantly stressing how important it is to take up extra-curricular activities, in order to showcase your skills and to make you stand out from others in the job search. One of the easiest ways to do so is to study (or work) abroad, not only does it demonstrate independence but also shows an international outlook.


Financial Support 

As mentioned before, students are given an Erasmus grant in addition to the usual student loans, if you choose to work during a third year abroad you might even get an additional wage too. Did I mention you don’t pay tuition fees this year? So if money is a concern it needn’t be.


Opportunity to learn a new language

The best way to learn a language is with total immersion, granted you’ll spend a lot of your time speaking English with your fellow Erasmus students BUT for just about everything else from shopping to the ordering food in restaurants you’ll need to learn the basics of a new language at the very least.


The memories

Sure, everyone will look back on their university years fondly but why not go the extra mile and tell anyone who will listen about the time you got arrested in Spain or the time you got drunk in Italy. You’re at university for a limited amount for time so why not make the most of it? Just search for #thirdyearabroad on Twitter and Instagram and feast your eyes upon the many students sharing just a snippet of their experiences abroad


Go forth and experience the world!

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