10 Awesome Conservatory Designs

If you’ve decided on a new conservatory or home extension, then we’ve got the list for you! Below, we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite conservatory design concepts for you to take inspiration from, because after all, why follow the rules when you can fix it up and create a design that’s perfect for you and your family!?


All-Glass Design

Most conservatories consist of glass, but an increasing all-glass trend has come into play in recent years. Design yours with thin metal and choose a large, chunky glass to add light to your home and give it a modern, elegant twist.



Rather than the traditional white plastic framing, wood is a great alternative and makes your extension look rustic and chic. If you’re not confident enough for a full wooden construction, stick with a traditional design and then experiment indoors using wooden cladding and posts.


Skylight Design

Conservatories are modernising and are increasingly being used as dining and sitting rooms rather than as sunrooms. If you’re constructing your extension using traditional bricks with smaller windows, try a skylight roof to bring in some extra natural lighting.


Exposed Brick

To give your home a rustic and chic design, leave your brickwork exposed indoors and mix with chunky wooden window frames for a great-looking extension!


Outdoors Indoors

If you want your new extension to be an addition to your garden, there’s no better way than building a great decking area around your new conservatory on the same level, and add large French doors for effect.


Full-Width Bi-fold Doors

If you want to give your house a truly modern and sophisticated look and feel, invest in full-width sliding bi-fold doors. These doors will allow you to expose one end of your home and create an inside-outside connection which is great for those with big, beautiful gardens.


Slanted Windows

Rather than a traditional box-style conservatory, try a slanted window design to give a unique-looking space.


Metal Frames

If plastic or wood doesn’t suit you, try a metal framed conservatory. Available in a whole variety of colours and finishes, metal gives your extension a crisp, modern look and is a robust solution. At Buckingham Window and Conservatory Company, metal-framed conservatories can be built to order and designed with your home and architecture in mind.


Remove the Roof

This sounds a little extreme, but bear with us! If you want a unique indoor space that brings the outdoors in, invest in a removable roof with the motor. Working in a similar way to a convertible car, removable glass roofs help bring in the fresh air, make a great talking point in a home and are becoming a go-to feature for architects and builders of luxury homes.


Greenhouse Style

If the sole purpose of investing in a conservatory is to connect closer to your garden, make your conservatory a greenhouse by installing quality glass panels and leaving the windows curtain and blind free. By adding a greenhouse-style conservatory to the end of your home, you can always keep an eye on your plants and vegetables and take them back to your kitchen for easy preparation.

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