Summer Holidays Products You Shouldn’t Travel Without

Whether you’re a travel expert or a last minute packer, it can be easy to forget about your beauty products in the excitement of a summer getaway. However, they are some products you really shouldn’t travel without, so below, we’ve rounded up six beauty essentials we think you need to take with you on your next summer holiday.


Don’t forget the sun cream!

It sounds obvious, but forgetting to pack some sun cream is a common travel mistake – and it could cost you dearly when you land at your destination. Most resorts hike up the price of sun cream because they know you have no alternative – so make sure it’s the first thing on the list when you start packing! The British Association of Dermatologists recommends using a ‘high protection’ sunscreen of at least SPF 30 to stay protected.


Pack a first aid kit

While you don’t need to pack every lotion and potion under the sun, taking a small bag with some of the necessary first aid essentials could come in handy. After all, do you really want to be spending your holiday trying to ask for some paracetamol at a pharmacy? Pack some plasters, allergy medication, headache tablets and other products you think you might need when you’re abroad.


Bring along some moisturiser

Exposure to too much heat, late night partying and too much alcohol can all leave your skin dried out and tired. As well as using sun cream and after sun, we recommend packing some high-quality moisturiser to use during the day and at night, both for your face and your body. Some facial moisturisers even include SPF so that you can stay protected and soft at the same time.


Buy some antiperspirant

When you’re out in the sun, you’re likely to get a little sweaty, so we recommend packing some antiperspirant for those long days around the beach and pool. There are lots of ways to stay fresh, so whether you choose a traditional spray or go for a natural deodorant like Tropic Skincare’s Feel Fresh, you can stay protected.


Use mists and sprays

If you want a way to smell summery and keep cool, pack some water-based body mists and sprays for your body and hair. In a whole variety of flavours, mists are perfect for long days on the beach when you want to cool your body or give your hair some much-needed moisture. The best part is that mists usually come in small bottles, so you can pack them in your hand luggage to save space.


Keep a lip gloss in your handbag

If you’re planning on exposing yourself to lots of sun on holiday, it can be easy to forget about your lips. They can easily dry out, and the best way to keep them looking and feeling soft and plump is to pack some moisturising lip gloss to keep them protected, and of course, keep you looking great!

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