Simple ways to make your home Pinterest worthy


The photo sharing website Pinterest is a pretty great place to find fresh, exciting ideas for how to spruce up your home. After all, once someone has added something visually impressive to their humble abode, they can be naturally inclined to show it off on a website like Pinterest. However, are there straightforward ways in which you could enhance your residence’s appearance to the extent that it would also wow Pinterest visitors? Yes, there are – here are just a few of them.


Add geometric tiles

With help from Pinterest users, New Homes & Ideas recently uncovered a number of décor ideas which were among the most pinned on the photo sharing site. Geometric tiles were found to be especially popular. Indeed, New Homes & Ideas notes that such tiles can serve as a backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Still, the site urges you to, when seeking a pattern which meets your unique preference, endeavour to choose a pattern which is in either basic black and white or a small number of colours that effortlessly blend. The right pattern can add real dimension to your interior.


Hide wires

Pinterest users have also shown great interest in how otherwise unsightly wires can be hidden, New Homes & Ideas has found. It turns out that cost-effective household items can help here! First, apply a piece of tape to each of your cords before writing, on the tape, the name of the device that this cord belongs to. Then, the likes of binder clips, zip ties and plastic cords can be used for concealing those wires. Fancy storage boxes or hollowed-out old books could also hide ugly cords.


Go black and white

Turns out that the makers of that classy romantic film The Artist might have been onto something when they decided to return to tradition by adopting black and white in place of lots of colour. The same idea, it seems, can work well when it comes to home interiors.

New Homes & Ideas has observed that another of this year’s popular home décor trends is opting for black and white interiors, leaving just splashes of colour to bring a spot of enhancement. Andrea Mango, Benjamin Moore’s head colourist, is quoted as saying that “designers would be paralysed without white” – and we’d agree that there is a timelessness to both white and black.


Remember to keep a close eye on the cost…

Of course, if your home interior currently exhibits a lot of colour, adopting a black and white scheme for an entire room or building could call for significant renovation work. In this instance, you would have to be careful that the costs don’t go out of control. A reliable estimate, perhaps provided by a company such as My Build Estimate, for the total costs of the renovation could be crucial.


We’ve largely kept the ideas simple in this article, but you should still endeavour to keep your ambitions in check – in order to prevent things getting too financially costly – when enhancing your home.

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