Benefits of bed-time reading and fairy tale therapy for children

Is it true that bedtime reading has a lot of benefits or is it just a myth? What are its benefits? Keep reading to see what the experts think.


What is fairy tale therapy?

We all remember those amazing bedtime stories our mothers or grandmothers read us when we were still kids. However, more and more parents question the bedtime reading benefits for their kids. In this article, we will see what the experts think about advantages of bed-time reading for your kids and what psychologists have to say about the use of fairy tales therapy.

Fairytale therapy is a direction of psychology that uses resources of children’s fables for their education, behaviour correction, upbringing and development of their character. All you need to do is to find a book that is worthy of reading to your youngsters.

The good news is that it is no longer a problem for parents to get helpful, kind, and even an educational book for their children. There are some great options for them online, including this fantastic resource a lot of mothers already use to purchase a book for their children – mila-b-mila.co.il.


What are the benefits of fairy tale therapy for your kids?

Fairytale therapy for your kids has a lot of advantages. Let’s start with the fact that your kids will be more obedient to you, as the studies showed.

It is also vital to note that children whose parents read to them before going to bed are often willing to be more like the characters they meet in the fairy tales. That is why picking a good book with characters worth following is helpful to parents who want to develop their children’s characters.

Another thing fable therapy help with is logical and critical thinking. Parents are encouraged to discuss the stories they read to their youngsters before putting them to bed to develop children’s logical and critical thinking, imagination, memory and speech.

Keep in mind that good fables address important issues like the relationship between people, love, and hatred, greed and generosity, friendship and loneliness, etc. Fable therapy helps youngsters better understand the world.

In fairy tales good always triumphs over evil. Knowing that everything is okay with their favourite characters, kids will have a healthy sleep, and that is what every parent wants for his/her youngster. Apart from that, be attentive to your kids: if they want you to read the same story day after day, they might be facing the same difficulties their favourite characters do. If it is so, you should help your children overcome particular problems. So watch out!


Taking all things into consideration, you might agree that fairy tale therapy is helpful. Parents that doubt that there is any good in bed-time reading should look at the benefits listed above. The benefits from the fairy tales you read to your children are great; all you need to do is to pick out a good book with profound morality principles you want your kids to learn more about.

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