How to be successful in longboarding?


Longboarding is on the rise as provides great possibilities to test your stamina and manage few tricks no matter how old you are. If you are considering to purchase a longboard here are some basic recommendations:

  • Ride a board before buying one, in this way you will know how it feels and whether you are up to the challenge;
  • Even if you are a beginner don’t buy a cheap board but choose a reliable manufacturer and find high-quality equipment as in;
  • Before mastering riding styles – know to fall properly; riding a board involves fast speeds, balance, coordination, various manoeuvres along with countless errors. It is also important getting knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards to make falling safer;
  • Learn basic mechanics and its function as sometimes it has to be adjusted, etc.


How to choose the right size?

Before buying a longboard try to understand what you want to do with it? Cruising, freeride, downhill? They are designed according to various riding styles and their size matters greatly here. The length often determines speed capabilities of your board; basic techniques will be mastered faster with the board of the right size:

  • Mid-sized decks in the range of 32”-42” are perfect for all riding types – this size is most popular and comfortable as well. Great example of 42” longboard is DB longboards compound 42 longboard made out of fiberglass and bamboo and with Atlas 48 RKP trucks, Cloudride 69mm wheels, Cloudride Abec 7 bearings. This model is perfect for freestyle, dancing, carving as well as cruising.

40-inch deck will be perfect for navigating level terrain, like a college campus and Original pintail 40 longboard with stable platform is invaluable for controlled cruising or premium carving. It has original S8, 200mm, carving trucks which can be eventually upgraded to Original’s S10, 250mm. this longboard is great for beginner and advanced riders;

  • Smaller boards like Union skateboard complete – sky 22,5″ are great for smaller and younger riders. Confident taller riders are also using these boards. It has cruise Union Virage 60mm 78A wheels, Aluminium AK (4M4F8) trucks, bushings 89A Union and plastic deck;
  • Longer boards – 42″+ are often chosen by taller riders for relaxed cruising rides, or for dancing. They are known as more stable and most popular models are: Sector 9 supertubes longboard with 43,5” out of maple and perfect for sliding, bombing hills, or cruising around. Another great model is Koastal woody longboard with 47”. Made from aspen this board has simple look and designed for carving and cruising. The board is equipped with Revenge Alpha II trucks, Koastal 70mm/83A wheels and Koastal Abec 5 bearings – great choice for any rider.


Any board can be invaluable asset if chosen wisely, therefore address professional who will recommend you a perfect board according to your expectations.

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