Winning Money With Best Video Games

ESports industry is aggressively taking over the power over our leisure time and today not only teenagers are engaged in this addictive activity. Video games are most profitable business domain so no wonder that such huge companies as New Balance, Nike, Adidas are expected to become eSports’ tournament sponsors this year. Over 70 million people worldwide are fascinated by video games and participating in this addictive activity.


How can we earn money by playing video games?

Today, top eSports tournaments attract audiences that rival the biggest traditional sporting events such as soccer, hockey, basketball, etc. Among well-known games we can mention: Smite, Overwatch, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc. and such big companies as Nissan, Vodafone, Logitech, Red Bull are tournament sponsors. Various multinational teams have a chance of winning staggering amounts of prize money. Among most successful ones are: Evil Geniuses, Newbee, etc.

Apart from being a spectacular event it is a great chance to win some money while making starcraft 2 betting while enjoying favorite game. Most beloved: Call of Duty, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Magic the Gathering, Overwatch, Smite, World of Tanks, Starcraft II, and many others. Top teams are travelling across the world in order to participate in such well-known tournaments: the League of Legends World Championship, the Intel Extreme Masters, the Evolution Championship Series, etc. Most significant events are taking place in China, North America, South America, South Africa, South Korea, Europe, etc.


StarCraft II – revival of an original game

2016 was a great year for StarCraft II fans – full of great matches, tournaments, etc. What makes this and many other eSports games so unique and attractive for players of all ages is their amazing worlds full of magic, mystic characters and various games modes. Real-time strategy StarCraft is released a sequel StarCraft II in 2007. It has multiplayer game mode and can be enjoyed for free even without Internet access, but that means the requires installation.

StarCraft II includes three separate products:

  • Wings of Liberty (terran campaign),
  • Heart of the Swarm (zerg campaign),
  • Legacy of the Void (protoss campaign).

These campaigns occur in sequence and each one has 26-30 missions to complete. Every part features well-known races from original game: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg and takes place few years after StarCraft: Brood War events. All actions are occurring on new worlds or on ones that were mentioned and appeared in original game. Without any doubts, true fans will enjoy these entertaining products.

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