5 great ways to prepare for an exercise session

No successful training session starts without proper preparation. While you may be tempted to put on your running shoes and hit the tarmac right away, try following these preparation tips to make your workout more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable.


Watch a YouTube tutorial

YouTube may not be the first place you’d think of going when you’re preparing for an exercise session, but you’d be surprised by the amount of free, high-quality workout tutorials and information available for your perusal. Whether you want to follow the weight loss journey of one of your favourite internet personalities, or you want to sit in front of the television and copy a trainer’s workout regime, YouTube makes it convenient to do so.


Perfect your playlist

Let’s face it – exercise isn’t always enjoyable. Workouts can be tedious, and without motivation, it’s easy to fall off the waggon and cut your exercise regime short. Therefore, it’s essential that your phone is loaded with motivating music. Invest in a good quality pair of headphones, put together the perfect playlist and make sure that your phone is safe in your pocket or exercise band. CapitalXtra has put together the ultimate gym playlist, with some of the best dance and hip-hop songs around to keep you pumped during your workout.


Have a snack

While we certainly don’t recommend a full English breakfast before your workout, it’s important that you have something inside of you to keep you energised. Cramping or grumbling can make your workout tough, so fuel up with some wheat bread, fruit or a smoothie, and be sure to hydrate with water so that you can give the gym your all.


Create a plan of action

There’s nothing worse than motivating yourself, driving to the gym and then wondering where your workout should begin. Instead of wasting time deciding which equipment to start with, create a clear plan of action before your workout begins. It’s easy to build a workout routine based on your diet, exercise and fitness goals – just speak with your gym instructor or take advantage of the ‘build your own workout’ guide offered by Nerd Fitness.


Sign up for a boot camp

If you’re struggling to prepare for your exercise regime, you may want to consider signing up for a boot camp with a company such as Prestige Boot Camp. Such companies offer a range of one-day and residential health and fitness classes, allowing you to stock up on nutritious foods, learn more about your body and develop a tailored workout plan that will meet your weight loss or fitness goals. The company’s Boot Camp Retreats, for example, allow you to visit locations such as Spain and Portugal and enjoy a fitness master class while spending time in luxurious five-star accommodation.


There you have it – just some of the ways in which you can prepare for an exercise session. Whatever you do, remember to stock up on plenty of water, invest in comfortable workout gear and keep your eye on your goals – you can do it!

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