3 Proven Tips Of Getting Rich!

There are two ways for people to get rich in this world. You are either born with a fortune, or you make your way to the top with brute force, flattery, cheating and whatever other means necessary to make an extra dollar.

Or so some may believe…

I mean, seriously, if you are born rich, you don’t have anything else to bother with, right? And yet there are dozens, hundreds of young people blowing their fortunes up till the last dime and, all of a sudden, they are poor in a heartbeat.

Then there are the guys who’ve earned their fortune by themselves. They don’t fall low as often, but we still see them in news headlines ending up bankrupt every now and then.

Why’s this happening? Because making and spending money has nothing to do with being or becoming rich. The art of saving efficiently is. Avoiding the mastery of this art is a shame, especially given the existence of effectify.com credit card service available to everybody.


Save, not earn!

You don’t become rich by simply earning more. Spending as much as you earn will result with you dropping to the starting point in the beginning of every month! If you make a million and drain it all on wine, women and gambling, you are still at zero.

But if you save 10% of the million on your account and invest 50% of it while still spending colossal sums on fun or whatever else your heart desires, you will have $10K neatly tucked in a bank account as well as a portion of new incoming profits in the endgame.


3 tips for staying rich!

Check out these three simple, yet fairly actionable tips that will allow you earn some savings and, eventually, get rich. The process may take some time, but it is, nonetheless, the most effective one I know. Here we go:

  • Have a pan. This may sound a bit obvious, but you won’t really go anywhere without a solid, throughout financial management system. Try saving 10% of your pay check as well as any other income. Always! Then evaluate necessary expanses and only spend as much as you’ve planned during this stage straight until your next cash flow arrives. Invest everything you had left.
  • Invest smartly. Don’t fall for cheap consultants of internet press. Stocks only rise for as long as there are people willing to buy them. Jumping on that train last means you’ve lost by default. That’s why you only have the right to spend only after careful research.
  • Don’t be a hero. You may wish to be the star of parties, you may desire attention of others, recognition and fame only money can get. You should get a grip though. Never spend more than you afford. Never spend more than you’ve planned during stage one of my first tip, regardless of what your Ego may say.
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