Is Blackjack an easy way of getting rich quick?

Living in an age that is surrounded by social media wealth-flaunting (think Dan Bilzerian), do-nothing celebrities ( Kim Kardashian) and the rise of FOMO (fear of missing out) has meant that more and more of us are looking for ways to get rich quick. While the desire to grow one’s wealth is not a new concept, there are certainly more ways in which we are able to put our money and faith into schemes that boast increasing the amount of cash in our wallets. One of the newest and most popular obsessions when it comes to wanting to earn large sums of money quickly is through gambling, with blackjack being a particular target.

While there has been conflicting evidence collected with regards to just how successful you can be in getting rich through playing casino games like blackjack, there is no way that this method can be discounted from the running either. Many people are convinced that learning the right blackjack strategies and systems can give you the tools needed to beat the casino and there are cases of people winning big. In this popular card game, the aim is to play against the dealer and get a hand of cards with a total that’s as close as possible to 21 without going over. This is one of the few games in which the house has a varying degree of advantage – something that people claim can be manipulated in their favour.

So, just how easy is it to get rich quick this way, and what rules would you need to follow to beat the casino?


Sticking to a strategy

One way some people claim to find winning blackjack easy is through learning and sticking to basic strategies. For some people, memorising the decisions for game play (laid out in the strategies) can be tricky, but for others it’s simple, so the ease with which you are able to successfully implement them depends on your personal attributes. Strategies are suggested to ensure you are always able to make the right decision to induce a win. If you have no idea where to find these strategies or what they mean, then you can always turn to blackjack video guides to give you the basic information you need. Getting grips is with the basics can be just the start of becoming a blackjack pro.


Counting the cards

Something that is continually mentioned when it comes to winning money through blackjack is the ability to count cards. Counting cards is considered to be a skill, which means you will not need to rely on luck or other external factors when it comes to finding success. The difficulty with counting cards is that, while learning the skill is difficult in itself, there is also the added issue of having to maintain the count you have in the midst of the noise and bustle of the casino.


Remember that losing is always a possibility

There are certain elements of psychology that are able to get us hooked on gaming, and keep playing even when we lose. Something that cannot be avoided is the fact that losses happen. Whether you are a highly skilled player or a beginner learning the necessary skills to be highly skilled at playing blackjack, there is always the chance that the game will not go your way. Some of the very best blackjack players have said that, regardless of your losses, it is important to always stick to the designated plan of action and not lose sight of your goals. Sometimes quitting while you’re ahead is the best option and betting big when you’re feeling lucky sometimes isn’t. You need to keep a clear head and your objective in sight if you want to win big.


All things considered, there does not appear to be an ‘easy’ answer as to whether or not playing blackjack is a quick pathway to winning millions. One thing that we can take away is the fact that there is a far greater chance of you winning through blackjack than other casino games.

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