Four reasons that Rocket League can be considered one of the most exciting E-sports

Last week it was announced that American TV channel NBC will be hosting a number of Rocket League tournaments in the near future. Partner this with the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) finals being the most watched E-sport in that week, it cements the argument that Rocket League can be considered one of the most exciting E-sports in the world at the moment. Here are four reasons why.


It’s Easy to follow:

Rocket League is a simple concept, much like football (soccer) players must get a ball into the opponent’s goal. The only difference being that instead of people, the players are controlling rocket powered cars. This means that players can fly in the air to hit the ball (aerials) as well as jumping. With the maps being contained, you’ll never miss any of the action whilst watching it because you will always be able to see what is going on. Like any sport, whilst the action is going on you have commentators who not only tell you what is going on but also give you expert knowledge in case you’re new to the Rocket League scene.


The Drama

Sport is always filled with drama. Rocket League as an E-sport is no different. All games are five minutes long, if the game is tied after this time Rocket League operates a ‘next goal wins’ policy.  On top of this, even if the clock hits zero, the ball is still in play until it touches the floor. This allows a team to score with literally the last touch of the game. The epitome of this came in the recent Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) at the start of June. Flipsid3 Tactics were about to drop into the lower bracket of the tournament as they were losing 2-1 in the match and 2-1 in the game that could have decided their fate. Flipside3 Tactics player Kuxir97 with 1 second to go tied the game up. His team then went on to win the match. Such drama and excitement like that epitomises what Rocket League is all about.


The Skill

Like any sport, the best way to show a player’s skill, determination and composure is on a big stage or in a competition. Whilst the concept of Rocket League is easy to follow, the mechanics of getting your car in the right position to hit the ball precisely to where you want it to go is a skill. These competitive players have trained 1000’s of hours to make sure their aerials and gameplay are perfected. Alongside this, players work with their team to make sure their rotations (positioning so all the field is covered) is smooth and synchronised. With all of this, the players are always inventing different ways, whether this be mechanically or in their rotations, to get the edge on their opponents. Just playing Rocket League for a few hours makes you appreciate the skill these professional Rocket League players have.


The Community

The Rocket League community at this moment is buzzing and rapidly growing. The number of community tournaments for Rocket League is forever growing with the skill of the players entering just oozing out. The best thing about this is that these tournaments along with bigger tournaments like RLCS and DreamHack Sweden are all available to watch free on Twitch, meaning there is always some Rocket League to watch. If you still can’t get enough Rocket League then you also have most of the pros streaming on Twitch, so you can watch them play and get to know them better even if you miss a competition.

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