How Do I Accept Mobile Payments for My Business?

Whether you are an up and coming food truck or you are a mobile tire service mechanic, it is often extremely convenient and practical to accept mobile payment as an alternative payment option for your clients. By offering credit card processing to all your customers, it opens doors for more variety in your client base and overall will help the growth and credibility of your business. How do you offer this alternative service? “I must have a machine to accept credit cards at my business”, is a common misconception regarding merchant equipment. In the past that statement was true, however that is no longer the case! You can now have merchant processing on the go without all the equipment you may have thought was necessary.


How Does This Work?

The mobile pos machine is a very simple system that can be set up to become compatible with your smartphone or tablet as the point of sale terminal. If you have the program set up on your device, it will enable you to make transactions wherever you go. Whether you are assisting someone on the roadside or you are serving breakfast at your brand-new restaurant, you can set this up easily and quickly. With the SmartSwipe program for mobile payments, you can simply add the small card reader to your device and accept payments wherever you may be. This is a fantastic way for you to start up your business without having to pay out a huge amount of start-up fees for merchant services.

This system offers tip options, signature capture, and a tax calculator system just to name a few. You are going to love the freedom it gives you so that you can take your business on the road. Accept credit cards wherever you are with the SmartSwipe system from Merchant Account Solutions. You can easily grow your client base and your potential reach for sales with this mobile credit card solution. Do not let the fact that your business is mobile stop you from accepting credit or debit cards. You can do all that on the go!

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