Causes Of Thigh Chafing And How To Prevent It

One of the most irritating in this world is chafing. It is an irritation of the skin caused by repetitive contact with skin or cloth. Chafing is usually characterised by a painful rash and usually happens in the groin, underarms, nipples, and most commonly, on inner thighs. Those who work out a lot or are overweight are more prone to having chafing.

Thigh chafing is a very common problem for marathon and track and field runners, who are always running. Backpackers are also prone to getting thigh chafing especially if walking and hiking a lot. The treatment for this is not really complicated, but is made harder because of the difficulty in keeping two thighs apart. The rashes and bleeding can be unbearable sometimes, especially when a person sweats a lot. A better solution to stop this dilemma is to completely prevent it from happening.

Preventive habits that are effective in preventing thigh chafing doesn’t usually require a huge budget. There are general rules to prevent thigh chafing, and the first one is to drink a lot of water before going to a long walk, a long run, or a long workout. Drink a lot of water before, during, and after these activities. It would make you perspire freely and prevents the perspiration dying into salt crystals that enhances chafing.

The second one is by staying dry, and that’s if you don’t want the option number one. To stay dry, you can use absorbent body powder to prevent perspiring. The third option is to use an anti-chafing lubricant, which prevents friction that causes chafing. Last but not least is to wear loose clothes that are comfortable to wear even in workouts and other activities that make your thigh cause friction.

Men are more prone to groin chafing. Because of this, methods are invented to lessen a probability of chafing. Women can also be afflicted with groin chafing, but it is rarer than with men. One of the most important things to do is to protect your skin.

As for women, there is specific underwear that keeps skin from scratching each other. Example of these is moisture-wicking underwears that are great for working out. Slip shorts, which can be used under casual wears, are great for preventing thigh chafing even if not working out. It is also recommended to wear breathable shorts during hot weather.

Thigh chafing can be a lot trickier when it comes to toddlers because their skin is more sensitive than grown-ups. This is especially obvious during summer when activities, such as swimming and hiking, are more common. Babies can also be affected by the diaper. One thing that can be done to prevent chafing in toddlers is to avoid wearing clothes made of cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat and it enhances the chances of getting thigh chafing. There are also anti-chafing lotions to be used that reduce overall friction between the skin and the cloth.



We learn that prevention is the better solution when we experienced thigh chafing first hand. When you’re in the position where chafing is already painful and it needs treatment, things could get hard. This is especially true if you’re in the middle of traveling. Here are the things you can do to soothe the pain of thigh chafing.

1. Clean it, but don’t scrub it

When cleaning an affected area, it is better to use a milder soap or cleanser. Powerful cleansers will irritate the rashes and might make your condition worse than better. Soaps with moisturisers are recommended.

2. Keep the area dry and your thighs separated

This is a general rule when you have a wound. Moisture can make bacteria or yeast grow in the wound, which will make your condition worse than before. To prevent further damages, it is highly suggested to prevent both wounds from keeping contact with each other. Wounds cannot be healed if they’re repetitively damaged.

3. Anti-chafing bands

Sure, you’ll need to wash these bands once in a while, but they’re better if you don’t want the lotion option. Although lotions are good, there are times when wearing anti-chafing bands are better because lotions and other lubricants wear off.

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