Celebrate in Style with an Unforgettable Group Holiday

Organising a group holiday can be challenging, but when you’ve got something worthwhile to celebrate, it’s got to be worth the effort. With people having such busy lifestyles, a group holiday is a fantastic idea because it gets you all together in one place, at the same time. Whether you’ve just passed your end of final year exams, been given a new promotion, had some news about an addition to the family, got an anniversary, birthday or any other kind of momentous occasion coming up, celebrate in style with an unforgettable holiday. Organising a gathering of a group of people is bound to be a little tricky, so here’s a helpful guide.

Decide on the Destination

Before you start contacting anyone, you’re better off trying to narrow down your holiday destinations. The people you’re planning to invite along aren’t going to be strangers, so you’ve probably got a good feel for the kind of destination they’re going to like. A number of factors can influence the final choice, but having just a few is certain to make it easier for everyone to agree. There are plenty of options, such as Menorca villa holidays, and it’s important you come to a democratic decision.

Pick the Right People

This is an important stage of the planning process, as you’re going to be spending a week or two together. Ideally, your travel companions should be like-minded people with similar interests, personalities, and budget. If this isn’t possible, your travel buddies should be good enough friends that you’re going to be respectful of each other’s quirks and prepared to compromise when necessary. If children feature in the equation, everyone’s going to have a much better time if they all get along.


So that one person doesn’t find themselves overloaded with jobs, it’s a great idea if each person in the group has their own element of the holiday to research and organise. You know who in your group is good at what, so feel free to delegate accordingly. Pick one person to be responsible for booking the flights, one to research accommodation options, maybe a couple of people to organise some group trips and so on.

Set Up a Group Chat or Facebook Page

Social media comes into its own when you’re organising a group holiday as it’s a great way for everyone to keep in touch, share ideas, and report on their progress. Facebook can be used for uploading lengthy notes and keeping them organised in one place so everyone can access them. Posts let you know whether everyone in the group is up to speed with the important details and it’s always there in the feed should you need to refer back to it. Create categories for photo albums where everyone can upload ideas and photos for things they wish to do. When it gets close to booking time, you can use it for voting.

Creating Your Group Holiday Itinerary

This is a crucial part of the planning process. Hopefully, there’s one person in the group who’s fairly organised and methodical, because they’ll be the best person to take charge of it. Timing is important and travelling time has to be factored in. Remember to allocate some free time, so members of your group get to pursue some interests of their own. Everyone has to commit and agree to the proposed itinerary, so share it in your Facebook group and ask for feedback.

Pay Your Own Way

Paying at the end of the holiday or putting money into a group holiday fund is fraught with danger. It’s much better for everyone to settle accounts individually and every time. People should be responsible for buying their own tickets, paying their share of the meal straightaway, buying souvenirs or produce at the local market. It avoids someone having the stress of keeping a tally of who owes what and the danger of agreeing on a suitable currency exchange rate.

Adult Only Time

This is obviously a tip for those travelling with children. Travelling as a group means there are always people who can look after the kids and parents can enjoy a night out on their own for a change. As well as couples enjoying time off from their kids why not include a girls night out and a boys night out to add to the enjoyment of your group holiday?

One last tip is to remember to be considerate to everyone in the group. Just because some members of the group are more laid back than others doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be consulted. Make sure everyone is happy, content, and aware of everything that’s planned at every stage as this stops anyone feeling upset or left out.

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