A Moving Checklist For Studying Abroad In England

As you send your students overseas to study, you need to prepare for the journey. Your student needs to pack the right things, and they need a good place to live. You also need to consider all the things that your students will do once they get to England. You might have chosen a school in Manchester, but you should consider all the things that a student can do regardless of where they are studying in England.


Choose A Housing Facility

A student accommodation in Manchester should be a place where students who are studying abroad stay in one building. You can choose a solo room, or your students could stay in a suite. The solo rooms have their own bathrooms. The suites have a kitchenette, a living room, and private rooms. Plus, the suites typically have one bathroom for every two students.

These buildings should have a security staff that checks visitors in, and there should be street lamps outside. Find a location that is near a public transit station, and ensure that the facility is close to the school the kids have chosen.


Make Sure The Kids Have Money For Travel

When students are in England, they can take the train up to Scotland, down to London, and through the tunnel into France. Students can travel a long way on their weekends off, and they can see parts of Europe that they may not see at any other time.

If the kids have extra cash for travel, they can tip cab drivers, attendants, and waiters. Plus, you need to be sure that your students always have their passports with them at all times. The passport helps keep the students safe, and they should have a global phone plan that makes communication easier.


Plan For The Weather

The weather in Manchester tends to be rainy and cloudy in the fall, and there will be heavy summer showers. However, students are not far away from the seaside. Every student should bring a bathing suit and towels for the beach, and they should have warm clothes for the summer. The summers get very hot in England, and you do not want students to only have warm clothes in their closet.


Get To Know The School

The school where the students are studying should know where the students are living. The school can give you some recommendations, and the school will let you know what some popular travel plans are. If you are in communication with the school, you can plan a few adventures for your students before they go off on their own.


Create A Calendar For Your Students

Students who are studying abroad in England must have a calendar that tells them when they are coming home for major holidays. These students need to know when birthdays happen, and they need to know when they are flying home. The students might choose to stay in England for the holidays, or they may want to come home a few weeks after school finishes.

You can work with the student housing facility to make sure your students have a place to stay after the school closes for the year.


Make Friends

One of the best things that students can do is to get to know the people near their housing complex. Students can make lifelong friends when they are in Manchester, and they may want to come back to Manchester to see their friends.

In some cases, those friends may come to America on an exchange program for further studies. Making friends and connections could benefit your students for the rest of their lives. Plus, it is good for students to know a few trustworthy adults in the area.



When you are planning to send your students overseas, you must find the best accommodations, help the students plan their travel, and give them some good advice. These students should be allowed to travel through Europe when they have time off, and they should live in a facility that is safe, private, and helps them study. Get to know the school, give the kids a schedule so they know when they are coming home, and give them some cash to use as they experience England.

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