Reasons Why You Should Look At Contraception

Contraception is such a difficult subject sometimes. Some people are against it and others are for it, but you need to strike a happy medium based on what your body wants and needs. There are plenty of reasons to say yes to contraception and putting any religious or political beliefs aside, there are more and more women using contraception for more than just the reason of not getting pregnant. For many years contraceptive pills have been used as a way to combat a number of female health issues. Here are some good reasons to talk to your doctor about what could benefit you and your reproductive health. 


1 – It regulates your menstrual cycle – Hormonal birth control methods may balance the hormonal fluctuations and help you with a better cycle. This can help with a variety of menstrual issues, which may include a number of health issues such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and irregular bleeding. It also controls your hormones better to aid symptoms of acne and make your period lighter and less stressful. 

2 – Less pain and more time for you – it is believed that 31% of women who use contraception are not in anywhere near as much pain as they were before. If you don’t ovulate, your uterus doesn’t experience the contractions of the uterus and pain. Therefore it means you can live your life feeling happier and healthier in the long run.

3 – Your skin can look better – we all know that hormones are the main reason for acne triggers and it can be very bad during your teenage years. Contraception can block the hormones and help your skin, meaning you do not need to go on any strict diets or antibiotics. 

4 – May reduce risk of uterine and ovarian cancer – some say that contraception can have long term benefits and are 50% less likely to get uterine cancer and the effects can even linger for around 20 years after you stop the pill. If this type of cancer runs in your family, it may be something to talk to your doctor about to see if you can banish it from your system. 

5 – You will be less likely to get cysts – ovarian cysts can be common and they are fluid filled sacs that form in your ovaries. They can be very painful and it can hinder having a baby, so the contraception can in fact keep the ovaries healthier and stop them from forming at all! 

6 – It can help hormonal migraines – the hormonal migraines we get around the time of our period can be difficult to deal with. There is no great way to combat them, and it is linked to the drop in estrogen in the body. This can help you to avoid this and will regulate your hormones which can help with the prevention of these types of migraine. 


So with this being said, be sure that you chat to your nurse or doctor about your options and see which medicine may be right for you. Don’t suffer in silence.  

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