Tips if You’re Going Hunting in America

If you’re planning a holiday to anywhere in America, you’re going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding things to do. More people than ever are choosing to take advantage of the huge opportunities for going on a holiday hunt. While it’s never been easier to organise a hunt in the US, there are still some things that you will need to do before you head off into the wilds. If you’re not an American but you’d like to experience the thrill of hunting in the US, here are some important tips that could make all the difference to your holiday plans.


Laws and regulations

It’s best to organise your legal documents before you arrive in the state. The hunting permits that you will need are going to depend on where and what you are planning to hunt. State rules vary quite a lot, so make sure that you do your research before you find that you’ve left it too late. The key to planning a hunt in the US is to start planning sooner rather than later.


Where to Go

Deer are the most popular animals to hunt in the states, and you won’t have to travel too far to find them. The goal for most hunters with deer in mind is to take down a buck. If that’s your goal, then you should be looking at a US holiday in:

  • Wisconsin: Great hunting grounds and plenty of bucks, although the popularity of hunting in Wisconsin can make it harder to outshoot the pros.
  • Illinois: A good chance of scoring a buck, but you will have to factor in fewer areas of state-owned hunting land.
  • Texas: Big bucks and lots of them! If you head to Texas, you’ll have plenty of space to explore and plenty of other groups to tag along with.

Like getting legal, do your research about holiday destinations so that you can focus on the type of animals that you want to hunt.


Learning Basics

If you’re an experienced hunter, then you know the basics already, but it’s always worth brushing up on your skills and your knowledge. Make sure that you know all about:

You need to know these skills and tricks if you want to have a more successful hunting holiday.


Get Your Gear

You are going to want to be warm and comfortable throughout your holiday, no matter what the weather decides to do. Make sure that you have the right clothing so that you don’t end up shivering and missing your shots. There are plenty of options available for good quality hunting gear, but you can’t go wrong with Merino Wool base layers to keep you much more comfortable. No matter what weather you expect to experience, the right clothing can make or break your hunting trip.


Gun or Bow?

Not all hunters use a gun, although it’s more likely that you will want to try one if you’re visiting the US from a country where gun laws are more restrictive, like the UK. However, bow hunting is quickly growing in popularity, so you might be tempted to have a go. Try some bows out and get some practice in before you head into the woods. Many people find that bow hunting is much more satisfying than using a high-powered rifle, and it could be the experience you never knew you wanted.

Hunting holidays are more popular than ever, but if you want yours to be a success, you need to do your prep long before you arrive in the states. Do your research, and you could be enjoying your first hunt in America much sooner than you think.

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