7 Tips for Exercising on The Go

Now that the New Year has arrived, most people’s resolution lists will be full of fitness goals and new exercise routines to work off that holiday binge-eating and get back on track with health and fitness. A great way to do this is by exercising on the go, and especially when busy schedules see you struggling to fit in a set workout routine.

Here are seven tips to make sure exercising when (and wherever) you can go smoothly.


  1. Carry Water Around with You

Staying hydrated is essential for any workout wherever you are. Make sure you always have access to water if you’re going to be out and about a lot, or spontaneously working out. Try to keep extra bottles in the car or on your person, or at least make sure you’re carrying cash to buy when needed.


  1. Don’t Forget to Freshen Up

If your new fitness routine is going to see you jumping from workouts to social or work obligations, ensure that you’ve packed a freshen-up kit, which includes a change of clothes and women or men’s cologne to give you that extra burst of freshness after a workout.


  1. Take Advantage of Extra Exercise

If you have the choice to take the stairs instead of the lift, do it! If you have the option of walking somewhere instead of driving, go for it! These extra steps will all make a difference, and all count to your exercise goals.


  1. Pay Attention to the Local Area

If you’re traveling around a lot, if you’re required to stay in different locations and hotels for work or if you’re just constantly on the move as part of your lifestyle, pay attention to the facilities around you, which can help your exercise efforts. You may pass a local gym you didn’t know there, there may be a gym onsite at a hotel you’re staying at, or you may pass a random sign which is advertising a fitness class the same evening you’ve realised you’ve nothing better to do.


  1. Understand Your Peak Productivity Levels

If you have a busy everyday schedule, you need to fit your exercise plans into when you will feel most motivated. Perhaps you only have a free hour after work at 6 p.m. but realise this is the time you feel most tired and lazy. If this is the case, try and switch up your routine – you could get up an hour earlier and go to the gym first thing so that you don’t have to drag yourself there after work (or risk avoiding it altogether).


  1. Switch It Up

You don’t want to get bored when it comes to exercise. Keep yourself stimulated by trying out new exercises as you go along. Go to the local pool and do some laps, take a jog in a nearby park, or do some basic stretches and cardio at home – or anywhere you can!


  1. Get Others Involved

Whether you’re staying at a hotel with a bunch of colleagues on business or spending extra time with a loved one, it’s always easier to work out when you have company. Instead of having a drink in the bar with your colleagues, ask them to hit the gym with you or to play a game of squash or tennis. Take a walk with your significant other instead of sitting inside together – it’s still all quality bonding time spent together, after all!

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