How To Get More Out Of Your Fitness

Being able to get the most out of your fitness is important to keep motivated, regardless of what you’re working out for. It might be for your health specifically, or it could be to lose weight or just tone up the muscles and make them work harder than they usually do. We all have bad days where we don’t do well in the sport we play or have low energy at the gym. At least you’re doing some exercise, but here’s how to get more out of your fitness.


Eat Carbs Before Working Out

Carbs are really good for providing you with energy, and usually, you want to eat them during the day and then reduce the number of carbs you have in the evening unless you’re going to the gym and have the ability to burn them off. These food types can really help before a workout because it provides you with that extra energy that you need in order to feel better and to last longer during your workout. Think about consuming those additional carbs, particularly on days where you may feel a little fatigued or lacking energy. Feeling less energised can play on our mind, and when we go into a fitness workout with that mindset, it can be very difficult to get the best workout or what you traditionally do when playing that sport or when you’re in the gym. So give yourself a reminder to eat carbs before working out.


Wear The Right Clothing

The right clothing is important when working out because if you’re still getting used to working out and you don’t quite enjoy it at the moment, wearing uncomfortable clothing isn’t going to help. Every sport and type of exercise has its own particular attire that you should be wearing. From golf to rugby, yoga to boxfit, what you wear to this class or sport matters. So think about what you currently have in your wardrobe and what you might need to invest in moving forward. For gym and fitness attire, you’re going to need something that fits your body accordingly and has enough room for you to do the exercise successfully without being restricted. For example, wearing a body-fitted vest is going to be a lot more effective to do weight-training in, than a baggy hoodie that just gets in the way. With weight training, you also want to be able to see the muscles working too.


Listen To Music

Music can really be a motivator when you’re trying to get into the zone, and tailoring your own playlist to suit your needs is essential. Think about the music that when you listen to you become motivated, or you want to get up and dance. This is the best music to be working out to, and that playlist is going to be different for each person. There are a lot of pre-made playlists that you can find Apple Music or Spotify, but creating your own will help you even more. Change up this playlist every so often in order to get a refresh, especially when you feel your energy levels and motivation dipping, which it will at times, and this is completely normal.


Drink Plenty Of Water

Water is a great source of energy, and in fact, it really does help your body to process your food and to help you during your workouts. During exercise, you burn calories, but you also sweat, and if you’re working hard, you sweat a lot. The more sweat, the less water you have in your body and that can lead to dehydration, and feeling fatigued. Try to keep up your water intake, particularly during and after the workout in question. If you’ve been working outdoors, then you want to make sure you’re drinking lots of water if the sun has been shining to avoid sunstroke. You should be aiming for about one to two litres of water every day to ensure you feel the difference and positive effects from drinking water. Remember that your body needs it to function properly and to feel good.


Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Not getting enough sleep each night can seriously impact your health, and it’s important that you’re getting the full seven to nine hours in order to feel good for your workouts. If you don’t, then you’ll definitely feel less energised and that it’s going to affect the quality of the exercise you do. Making sure you’re having a good night’s sleep each night can be achieved by setting yourself a strict bedtime routine. Try and do this most nights where you can so that your body gets used to the adjustment and when it should start feeling tired. That lethargic feeling you get in the mornings might be due to not having the best night’s sleep, so think about how you could improve the quality of it too. This might be getting blackout blinds if you find you wake up to light. You may want to get an eye mask or perhaps earplugs to help with blocking out noise and light. Experiment until you’ve found the right conditions for your body to fall asleep.


Do Workouts That Are Enjoyable

When trying to get more of your fitness, it’s not going to help you if you are doing exercise that you don’t enjoy. The reason why many of us will fall off the wagon when trying to get fit is that the thing we’re doing to lose weight or improve our fitness is not fun. Everyone is different, so what your friend or a family member might find enjoyable, might not be the same for you. Look at what fitness options are out there and make it an objective to find a sport that you actually like, and don’t be afraid to push the search out to those workouts or exercises that you might not have considered. The more workouts you find that are enjoyable, the more motivated you will feel to do it.


Make A Plan

A plan is a great way of getting more out of your fitness over the course of a week or month. Laying out the activities or fitness you’d like to do over time is important because it reminds you of what needs doing. By making a plan, you’re also going to see what you’ve managed to do, and that can be quite an achievement if you’re starting from scratch and, as of now, only have a low level of fitness that you do over a week. So get  yourself organised and get a plan in place so that you can keep your up to date with what’s going on.


Track Your Progress

And finally, tracking and monitoring your progress is a great way to feel more motivated and inspired to work harder. It’s a great way to show yourself just how far you’ve come since you first started. You might want to measure yourself, to begin with, and photos can be a great way of inspiring your weight loss journey. When it comes to monitoring your progress fitness-wise, you might want to download an app to log this all in on your phone. There are plenty worth using, and each will be unique in what it provides, so find one that suits your needs.


Getting more of your fitness is important to ensure you continue to enjoy it and make the most of each and every workout you do. So use these tips to give your fitness sessions a boost.

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