Things To Look Out For When Your Choosing Your Wedding Venue

The day you’ve been dreaming of, the biggest day of your life is just around the corner, and one of the central parts of the planning process is, of course, your dress, but the venue of where you and your guests will celebrate and dance the night away is essential in ensuring that it caters to your needs and makes your wedding dreams come true.

When you are researching and visiting your possible venue, options can be overwhelming with everything catching your eyes but looking out for the little things can go amiss. Watching out for these tips below can help to make your wedding day perfect.


Aesthetically pleasing

Obviously, you want your venue to catch your eyes and to fall in love with your surroundings so that you remember it for the rest of your life. You want to like your venue, there are plenty of options out there but choosing one which is beautiful to you and fits the dream you had in mind like Clevedon Hall can transform your wedding day and your photo memorabilia. Take into consideration your budget, colours, layouts but don’t forget about the details. For example, if you wanted to have character within the building can add some texture to your photos and make it more interesting. 


Your guest’s experience

If you are inviting a lot of people from surrounding cities or children then picking somewhere that will put them at ease and not put them outside of their comfort zone. Being able to have lots of space to cater for everyone will allow your guests to mingle and relax. If you receive more RSVP ‘yes’ than you want to be able to have a weight off your shoulders by knowing that you have enough space for them. Looking for nearby hotels can also be a big help. 


Consider what’s included

When you are going through plans and packages with your wedding planner about your venue will be a bit breathtaking with figures and additional options. Taking some time to research things like renting chairs, tables and tablecloths or having them included in your venue then calculating the best way whilst keeping within your budget. Sometimes with the items being included will be basic products but you can buy items to dress them like vases, flowers and decorations to the venue look unique and match your colour schemes.


Asking the right questions 

Whilst you are in your element, gazing around your venue you can often forget to ask questions. Coming prepared by writing a list beforehand can take the pressure off by knowing that you aren’t forgetting to ask any key questions. Ensuring you are aware of the cancellation policy and is their parking on-site along with if there is any rooms for you and your guests to stay the night and if there is any availability on the date you want.


The countdown has begun until your big day, it can be a very stressful time, but using these tips will take a weight off your shoulders to make sure your venue is perfect for your dream wedding.

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