Picking the Perfect Frames

When it comes to getting new glasses, it can seem like a big decision to pick a pair of frames. Choosing fashion accessories is already hard enough, but glasses are a constant accessory you will wear all day with every outfit. That is a lot of pressure. Should you stick with what you always have worn? Maybe it is time to switch things up or move on to a new style that is more trendy. It is hard to know for sure, so here are some tips to help you pick the perfect frames. 

Certain shape frames look better on different face shapes. Knowing what shape your face is, will help you be able to narrow down your choices to what will look the best. There are five basic face shapes, and you will fit into one of them. 



If you have a round face, then you will want to choose frames that are either round or square and sit rather widely. This will help your face seem slimmer and longer and give you more balance in your features. You should avoid picking frames that are round or rimless because they will make your face look even rounder without defining any of your features. 



Oval faces have a natural balance and symmetry, so you don’t want to pick frames that will detract from that like oversized glasses. You should, instead, stick to frames that are wider than the broadest part of your face and have a geometric shape. You should also find frames that have a strong bridge. 



Frames that sit high on the bridge of your nose will soften the angularity of your features. Oval or round glasses will help to give your face a thinner appearance and balance the angles in your features. You should avoid anything boxy since they will only accentuate the sharpness of your features. 



You should find frames that will accentuate your narrow forehead and chin by sweeping up or frames that are wider than your cheekbones like cateye or ovals. You should avoid getting frames that are boxy or narrow. These will only draw attention to your wide cheeks without showing off your great cheekbones. It will also drown out your delicate, narrow features instead of showing them off. 



Finding frames that have low-set temples and are bottom heavy with their lines will help to add some width to the narrow part of your face to balance it with your forehead. Round frames or square frames with curved edges can do this nicely. You should stay far away from frames that have a style or colour that draw attention to the forehead. Frames with decorative temples or embellished tops would fall into this category. 


No matter what shape your face is, there are a pair of designer glasses that will help you to always look your best. The most important thing to remember is that opposites attract. Finding frames that are different than your natural features will add more balance to your face and be visually pleasing. 

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