4 Ways to Manage Anxiety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 300 million people across the world are living with an anxiety disorder. It is also reportedly the most common mental illness in the United States.

Rather than accepting anxiety as an aspect of your personality, you must look for ways to overcome the disorder that is dominating your thoughts. Below are four ways to manage anxiety.


  1. Say Goodbye to Alcohol and Caffeine

It’s possible your anxiety could stem from the food and drink you’re consuming each day. For example, it is believed alcohol and caffeine can increase a person’s anxiety levels, even if they are consumed in small amounts. It is therefore a wise idea to cut both from your diet to improve your mental and physical health.

Alcohol is a depressant and can cause dehydration, which can increase anxiety levels. As caffeine is a stimulant, it can lead to irritability and nervousness, which could potentially trigger a panic attack. It is, however, important to slowly decrease your consumption of caffeine to avoid unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, such as restlessness and headaches.


  1. Make Time for a Regular Workout

A study from The Netherlands Twin Registry found that people who regularly exercise are less likely to struggle with anxiety compared to those who don’t. This is because routine physical activity can lower cortisol, a stress hormone, in the body, while causing a release of endorphins, a feel-good chemical. What’s more, exercise can improve sleep quality and boost confidence, which can support mental wellbeing. So, if you’re struggling with crippling anxiety, put on your workout gear and hit the gym, go for a run or play a sport, such as tennis or golf.


  1. Use CBD

CBD is believed by many to provide various homeopathic benefits, as it can reportedly ease many health problems, such as anxiety and depression. It’s for this reason that many are making bulk purchases of GMP certified CBD extracts from the likes of CopeCBD, as more people are turning to hemp to improve their mental health. CBD works by acting on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, which can help to regulate a person’s mood and support their social behaviour.


  1. Grab Some Gum

Chewing gum isn’t only a great way to quickly freshen your breath, as it can be an effective form of stress relief. A study found that people who regularly chewed gum experienced lower stress levels and a greater sense of wellbeing. It is thought that chewing gum can promote blood flow to the brain, so it can boost a person’s mood and provide mental clarity. So, always keep a pack of gum on you at all times: it could help you to combat your rising anxiety levels.

Don’t allow your anxiety to define your life and consider the above top tips. It is also important to speak to a doctor or therapist if you continue to struggle with a disorder, as they could provide advice and treatment to improve your quality of life.

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