5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Smart Home-Enabled Security Cameras

By the year 2022, experts believe that 63 percent of homes in America will be “smart.”

We use smart devices to find out what the weather will be that day, turn on our ovens and check to see if our laundry is done. But an emerging technology is allowing us to protect our homes and keep our families safe, too.

If you haven’t already upgraded to Wi-Fi and smart home-enabled security cameras, keep reading to learn five reasons why it may be time.

1. Utilize Your Existing Devices

Adding a Wi-Fi, smart home-enabled security camera to your home is an easy upgrade if you already have existing smart devices. Whether you have a single Alexa or Google Home, or your whole home is smart-enabled, your new camera or cameras will integrate seamlessly.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Home Around the Clock

With a traditional security camera, you typically accessed your camera feeds or recordings from a single device, like a desktop computer. This meant that if you heard a weird sound in the middle of the night or wanted to check in on what’s going on in your backyard while you’re away, you’d have to wait until you could get to that computer to check your security feed.

But with a Wi-Fi-connected camera, you can access your feed wherever you are, right from your smartphone. Check on your front door while you’re lying in bed at night. See what’s going on in your backyard while you’re away at work. Wherever you are, your home is just a click away, allowing you to keep your house and family safe around the clock.

3. Go Hands-Free

Just because you’re in your home with your smartphone nearby doesn’t mean that you have a free hand to check in on your camera feed.

Whether you’re whipping up dinner in the kitchen or chasing after little ones in the living room, having the ability to access your cameras hands-free is one of the most convenient reasons to upgrade to smart-enabled security.

Using just your voice, you can ask your Alexa or Google Home system to bring up a certain camera feed. In as little time as it takes you to say, “Hey Google, show me the front door,” you can see the feed from that camera without having to stop whatever you’re doing. With a Wi-Fi-equipped, smart home-enabled security camera, you’ll enjoy fast, simple, hand-free access using the smart devices you already own.

4. Skip the Cables

Only need a single camera to keep an eye on a spot in your home, like the front door, back door or your living room? With a Wi-Fi camera, you can go wireless.

Having no cables to deal with makes it easy to install your standalone Wi-Fi camera quickly and easily. Plus, it makes it easy to move it if you decide you want to keep an eye on a different part of your home later on.

5. Instant Notifications

When you’re away from home or fast asleep, just having a security system might not be enough for you to know that something is going on around your home. That’s where instant notifications come in.

Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras can be programmed to alert you when there’s movement on your porch, a car in your driveway and more. You’ll get an alert on your smartphone so that you can check in right away to see what’s happening.

Upgrading to Wi-Fi, Smart Home-Integrated Security Cameras

Upgrading to a Wi-Fi-equipped, smart home-integrated security cameras lets you skip the cables when adding a single camera, helps you check on your home from anywhere and gives you instant notifications so you never miss an important moment.

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