Protecting Yourself as an Expat: A Guide

Moving abroad is a big decision to make, but with so many great advantages, it’s understandable why so many people choose to do it. You can find new job opportunities, make friends, explore the world, and learn more about yourself all at the same time.

However, moving to a new place without much knowledge of it can be dangerous. Just like all parts of the world, there are safe places and unsafe places, and you want to know how to protect yourself.

In this article, we are going to talk about some tips to help you do just that.

Let’s get started.


Identify safe areas

The very first thing you want to do once you’ve moved to your new home is to identify all the different safe areas. These include things like hospitals, doctors, police, and fire stations. It’s something that can easily be overlooked in the chaos of moving abroad but is essential in ensuring your safety.

Another thing you want to learn is the different emergency numbers. For example, 112 in Europe, 999 in the UK, 000 in Australia, and of course, 911 in Canada or the USA.


Know what is currently going on

The world has been in some uncertain times the past few years, so it can be beneficial to do your research and keep up to date with the latest news. Learning about what is happening with politics and following up on crime statistics will help prepare you for unforeseen circumstances. On top of this, it’s better to learn straight from the source rather than following gossip on social media. A lot of the time, it’s not even true!


Research your neighbourhood

If you’re concerned about choosing the right living arrangements, it can be wise to do some research first. There should be some information online about the area, but if not, it can be worth doing a drive around before settling on a location. Keep an eye out for bars on windows, surveillance signage, and the overall atmosphere of the street. If it doesn’t feel right, then keep on looking!


Organise health insurance

Healthcare varies across the world, and it’s not always immediately available for expats. It’s vital that you think about finding the right plan to protect yourself in case of any medical emergencies. For example, by ensuring you have global medical insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered. Trust us when we say it’s one thing you don’t want to forget!


Learn how to avoid job scams

If you’re studying abroad and looking for some extra money or just thinking of moving to start fresh, you want to learn how to avoid job scams. It’s very easy to get taken advantage of, especially if you don’t know all the correct rules and regulations about fair work. When applying online, try and research and review the company to see if it is reputable. It can also be wise to have some standard questions prepared that they should be able to answer.


Have a safety fund

Having a safety fund is always a good idea, but even more so when you are living abroad. As mentioned above, we have definitely been going through some uncertain times, and you want to make sure that you have enough funds to sustain yourself. Whether it be the loss of a job, medical condition, or housing issue, it’s better to have some savings just in case.


Learn the local language

While learning an entirely new language is challenging, it can be vital if you have moved to a country that doesn’t speak much English. If an accident happens or if you need help, even learning just a few common phrases can make a big difference. For example, “I need help,” “I don’t speak your language well,” or “call the ambulance/police.”

Try using some apps online to get started; some of them are free and are generally easy to follow. You might even ask one of the locals to give you a hand!


Practice standard safety tips

Lastly, the best way to protect yourself as an expat is to continue practicing standard safety tips. This includes always telling someone where you are going, avoiding walking alone, protecting your valuables, and staying safe online. The more cautious and vigilant you are, the safer you will be. It might seem like a lot of hard work, but you just need to make a few changes to your routine until they become second nature to you.

And that’s it! There was a guide to protecting yourself as an expat. By reading through the above, you can enjoy an incredible new life and explore all the great things the world has to offer. Remember, it’s always better to be prepared, especially when you are doing something alone.

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