How To Sell Your Car As Quickly As Possible

Usually, when you want to sell your car, you’re hoping to do so as quickly as possible. For most of you, the sale of this car will fund the purchase of a new one. Or, you might use the money to go towards something else – either way, you need the money, and you need it now! 

Typically, selling a car takes much longer than it should. You wait around for ages, desperately looking at your phone for anyone to call or text about the car for sale. Weeks go by, and then months, and you still haven’t achieved a sale. Other people might tell you this is normal, but it actually isn’t. There’s no reason you can’t sell your car within a week or two, and for a very decent price. 

Here’s what you need to do:


List your car online

Sticking a ‘for sale’ sign on your car isn’t the most productive way of initiating a sale. For one, your car will only be seen by people in the same area as you. If you can’t drive the car, your chances of selling it plummet – the only people that know it’s for sale are people that walk past your house! Secondly, you’ve given absolutely no information on the car at all. The only thing people know is that it’s a specific model, but they have no idea of the condition, service history, and all the other good stuff. So, they’re less inclined to contact you because it requires more effort on their behalf as they need to gain all of this information. 

By contrast, listing your car online takes care of all of these problems. Instantly, it can be seen by hundreds – possibly even thousands – of people all over the country. This opens the door to all sorts of different buyers, and there’s a direct way to contact you. Plus, you list all of the car details, providing buyers with as much information as possible. This speeds up the buying process as they may have all the information they need already. They see everything is in excellent condition, and contact you with a bid. After a bit of back and forth, you can sell your car just like that!


Make your car as presentable as possible

Seeing as you’re selling your car, it’s safe to assume that you’re either currently looking for a new one or have shopped for a car in the past. So, think back to when you were looking at cars for sale – what would you think of one that looked beaten up and worn out? If you came across a listing of a dirty car that looked in terrible shape, would you give it more than a casual glance? It might actually be in excellent condition, just the owner hasn’t cleaned it for some time. This doesn’t matter because the sight of it puts you off. 

This is precisely what people will think if they see your car in a similar state. As such, you need to make your car as presentable as possible. Clean it from inside to out, taking lots of nice pictures in excellent lighting. Show off your car, and people will soon be interested in it. A clean and new-looking car will attract more attention, increasing the likelihood of a quick sale. A dirty and messy one will be glossed over by everyone, which might be why your car is taking so long to sell. 


Take as many pictures as possible

Speaking of photos, you need to take lots of them to sell your car quickly. Having one or two pictures of your car just won’t cut it. It’s similar to having a lack of information – people won’t know enough about the state of your car. Some high-quality images of all different aspects of your car let people know what they’re buying. They can clearly see the physical condition and how your car looks both inside and out. Shots of the engine can also help them make a more informed decision based on the state of your vehicle. 

Therefore, you will see far more offers than if you just had one basic photo of your car from one angle. Also, you have more bargaining power when agreeing on the price because people will see the condition of the car. They’ll know if it’s in a good condition or not, meaning they will know how in-demand the car will be. 


Offer to ship your car

While putting your car online can open you up to lots of different buyers, your location may be a hindrance. You rely on people making the long journey to your home, then picking up the car. Obviously, this means they either need a friend to drive them – or hope that public transport can take them to you. For many buyers, this is simply too inconvenient, so you’re still somewhat restricted to people within a local radius – or buyers that are willing to make the journey. 

However, you can tackle this by offering to ship your car to buyers. You add on an extra fee as part of the sale price, but let them know that you’ll set everything up for them. As you can see on https://carsrelo.com/, companies exist that will transport your vehicle from one place to another. All you have to do is get the buyer’s address, then send your car on its way. It enables you to sell it to someone on the other side of the country, without them needing to leave their home. This added convenience is instantly attractive to buyers, meaning you will see lots of offers from people all over the place. 


In summary, the trick to selling your car quickly – and for a great price – is learning how to gain as many interested parties as possible. The more people there are interested in your vehicle, the more power you have. They start bidding against each other, usually leading to one person offering a high price, which you can accept and send your car on its way. You won’t have to wait months for a sale, then accept a low offer just to be rid of your car – it can all be done in a matter of days!

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