Should I Get Plastic Surgery For an On-Camera Job?

The face of broadcasting has changed in recent years, and so have the faces.

Not too long ago, the only on-camera jobs were on television and in films. And if you got plastic surgery of any sort to gain an edge, that was kept between you and your agent.

But today, there are literally thousands of people making money in front of the camera on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Snapchat.

It’s hard to estimate how many people are making money as a vlogger or influencer (mainly because calling yourself that is so 2017) right now, but think of it this way:

The sheer volume of all of this noise and competition is one of the reasons that getting plastic surgery is no longer being seen as a dirty little secret. It’s now being seen by many as a competitive advantage.


Less Invasive, More Options

Another reason that more people are getting cosmetic procedures is that it no longer means you have to go under the knife. Many classic and well-known plastic surgeries, like liposuctions or nose jobs, now have a non-surgical alternative.

Many people prefer non-surgical options because they’re looking to avoid the scarring, downtime, or invasive nature of an actual surgical procedure.

It may also be more affordable. For example, the cost of nose surgery is higher than a non-surgical 5-Minute Nose job, which would involve the injection of gel fillers to shape the nose. Or, if you were considering a liposuction procedure, a non-surgical CoolSculpting treatment would likely cost less.


Shifting Attitudes

The general public’s attitude towards plastic surgery has also changed in recent years. It has actually changed dramatically in recent months, as the COVID-19 crisis and daily Zoom calls have people looking at their faces in a new light.

The plastic surgery industry is experiencing a so-called Zoom Boom right now. At the same time, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) surveyed 1000 people with no history of plastic surgery prior to the COVID-19 lockdown. Their findings reveal that 49% of those surveyed said that they are now open to getting their first procedure.

When you compared these numbers to a 2014 survey, where only 17% of respondents were open to their first plastic surgery (and 49% were completely against it), you can see that we’ve undergone a major shift in attitudes towards plastic surgery.

The ASPS’ data also states that people over the age of 40 only accounted for roughly 32% of the entire plastic surgery market in 2019, with Millennials and Generation Y being far more open to getting procedures.

Will a plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure help your career? There is no simple answer. However, if you’re considering it, it’s important to do your homework and explore all of your options.

You also don’t need a full-blown plastic surgery, with plenty of non-invasive procedures available.

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