How to Choose The Right Sunglasses For your Face Shape

Sunglasses today are a fashion accessory. For both women and men, sunglasses can either make or break your outfit. When you go to shop for sunglasses, make sure that you don’t just focus on the functionality to if, but also on the fashion quotient. After all, the right sunglasses can make you look and feel like an absolute diva! Not all sunglasses suit all types of face shapes. If it did, there wouldn’t be so many to choose from.

The market today bombards you with sunglasses that come in an array of  colours, shapes and sizes that suit various face shapes. To get one that suits your face, you need to first understand the shape of your face. Once you decide this,you can choose sunglasses that match not only your face, but also your personality and style.


Tips to remember before selecting sunglasses:

The first step before choosing sunglasses, is to photograph your face and mark the edges of your face with a pen. Connecting these dots will give you a clear idea of what your face shape is. What type of frames suit your face you ask? Here are some face shapes explained to make your choice easy.

Oval face – If you have a perfect oval shaped face, you are indeed lucky! Most types of sunglasses are suited for oval faces but for best results, wrap around or square glasses, do the trick.

Round face – For a round face, you need to choose frames  that strike a balance. Determine the widest part of your face and select glasses that are wider than that. To make your face appear thinner, you can also choose rectangular shaped sunglasses.

Oblong face – You need sunglasses that make your face wider. Round shaped frames are just perfect to get this look.

Square face – No need to fret if you have a square shaped face, you just need glasses that give your face a soft look. Round and oval shaped glasses, are best to achieve this.

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