Enhance Android and iOS Battery Life with Carat

The latest Carat cloud app claims to improve the battery life of Android and iOS phones. The biggest drawback for any smart phone would be the lack of battery life. To solve this problem, UC Berkeley’s Algorithms, Machines and People Laboratory have launched an app, Carat. Through this app, users now know exactly how the battery is being utilised on their phone. This app also suggests ways in which users can improve their smartphone’s battery life.


How it works

The Carat app functions in the background and supervises how much energy is utilised by apps and processes on a smartphone. This data is then sent in a consolidated form to Spark application, a data analysis app provided by Amazon Web Services. The app then categorises apps such as GPS, Wi-Fi, and operating systems that are outdated or use large amounts of data. This information is then sent to users in a personalised message to improve battery life based on analysis made over several days.


Carat statement

According to the statement by Carat, the analysis is received by its servers, after which the data is analysed based on the amount of energy different apps use. The app then receives this information, which in turn provides users with feedback and advice about how to improve and maintain battery life.

In a test conducted on the iPhone 4 iOS 5.0.1, Carat analysed the outdated operating system. The results showed that the old OS reduced the battery life by 47 minutes and 20 seconds. To get accurate results, the app must be used for a minimum of 2 days. Users should also know that the information received and analysed by Carat including the OS, phone model, battery usage and life remaining, apps that are presently running will be shared with UC Berkeley.

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