Fashion Product Review: Mulberry Taylor Mini Satchel Leather Bag

Ladies! The latest trend in handbags is the Mulberry Taylor Mini Satchel leather bag, a part of the 2012 collection. The bag has two zips including zip pulls made of leather. A contrasting colour of the leather fits the trims and corners. The top handle is also made of leather with a detailed ring. The interior of the bag is lined and contains a pocket.  The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap made from leather is sure to make you feel like a diva.



The look of the bag represents the heritage of the Mulberry family. The unique aspect of this high end bag, is it incorporates details of a Satchel style and fuses it in to a smaller option, that can be used everyday.



The leather is soft and is finished with a matt effect. However, the leather is prone to scratches. To prevent this, there are numerous techniques that need to be followed. If you dirty the bag you have to treat it with Colonill Waterstop Spray which preserves the natural beauty of the leather. As time passes, the leather becomes dull and no one wants this! You can use the same spray and rub it lightly on the bag. Take care not to get the product wet and if it does then wipe immediately with a paper towel.

The leather, like most other leathers tends to fade with excess exposure to sunlight. Keep your Mulberry Taylor Mini Satchel bag away from direct sunlight for long periods of time. Also, take care not to rub the bag against light coloured fabrics. To avoid permanent scratches, remember not keep your bag on coarse and sharp platforms.



Although Mulberry Taylor Mini Satchel leather bag is a high end bag, it cannot be used on a day to day basis owing to the techniques that need to be followed to care for it. For the price you are paying, all the hassle is just not worth it. It is indeed difficult to manage the bag, but for occasional wear, it best suited. The use of leather and the myriad of colours it is available in, is sure to make you feel confident and elegant. For those of you who can afford it, the price of this bag is a whopping £ 621.49!

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