Tips to Apply Mascara to Get Those Deep, Dark and Attractive Eyes

Mascara can bring out the twinkle in your eyes! Didn’t know you had it? Try it to know what we’re talking about. You may wonder how some women manage to keep their mascara smudge- free all through the day. Although the quality of the product greatly matters, you need to master the right application process to get those perfect smoky eyes.


Tips to apply mascara in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Start by wriggling the brush at the root of your lashes. Although most people believe that application of mascara at the tips gives the impression of length, it is actually the roots that do so.

Step2: Bring the brush from your roots to your tips wriggling as you do. The wriggling action is important as it separates your lashes.

Step3: Close your eye and swoop the brush over your lashes, this removes clumps if any.


Mixing mascaras

One trick that top make up artists use, is to mix mascaras. You can apply a base layer of mascara followed by another thick coat. To remove excess amounts of it, you can use a spoolie brush and get a complete smoky effect.


Coloured mascara

Black mascara is perhaps the most common, however there are numerous colours that you can choose from. Ladies with complete blonde lashes, stay clear of black mascara as it tends to give your eyes a harsh look. Blue and burgundy coloured mascaras make the eyes pop.  If you want to dazzle with brown eyes, the best mascara is purple.


Eye lash curler

After application of mascara, remember to  use an eye lash curler. This gives your lashes an illusion of being wider and brighter! To get the best results,  heat your eye lash curler with a blow dryer and crimp your lashes. Make sure that your lashes are completely dry and the curler is not too hot. Here’s a final time saving tip ladies, you don’t  have to curl your lashes before you apply the mascara.

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