Why attending a music festival is a summer must-do!

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘festival’? Is it a scene of mud, dirt, smelly toilets and a lack of sleep? Or is it your idea of awesomeness; being surrounded by your friends, listening to good music, socialising and being free from the norms of day to day life?

It’s safe to say music festivals are now a traditional part of British summer time. For those of you who have not yet been hit by the festival bug, there are two words for you; missing out.

Music festivals are all about the experience. Capturing occasional clips of the performances on television or YouTube is simply not going to cut it. It’s all about the moment, breathing in every second of every act, the vibe, the drunken conversations, and the unforgettable excitement of being at a festival.

Even the organisers of the festivals absolutely love their jobs! John Giddings, the official promoter for the Isle of Wight music festival commented: ‘It is better than going on holiday! You get to see brilliant bands, feel free of 9-5 monotony and become a free spirit.’ He added: ‘There is something about crossing the water that puts you in the right frame of mind to enjoy yourself. It’s a shared experience.’

Music festivals are the perfect opportunity to escape the hassles of day to day life and throw out the sensible ‘all work and no play’ attitude. It allows you to have a complete blow out of all ties to responsibility and commitments, leaving you with the time to think about yourself and only yourself.

With over 400 music festivals in Britain per year, you are bound to come across one that is going to meet your likes and expectations. With a consistently changing popularity of music genres, music festivals are the perfect opportunity to experience up-to date live music that you love. You are up close and personal with the performers – the only way to really experience music!

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