Film Review: Think Like A Man

Based on Steve Harvey’s best-seller Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man the film follows a group of basketball loving males who, as described in Harvey’s book, each represent a particular type of guy; like for example the momma’s boy, the player and the dreamer.

Typically the men come across some lady friends they’re eager to pursue who similarly symbolise certain female types such as the independent successful career woman and the single mom.

Having purchased Harvey’s acclaimed book the women embark on a journey to find out what makes men tick and how they really feel about commitment and love whilst putting their new found counterparts to the test.

On the bright side at least the women didn’t decide to pick up the current best-seller Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The ladies use the book to their advantage but when the men later discover their secret It turns into a somewhat battle of the sexes as the men attempt to give the women a taste of their own medicine.

Directed by Tim Story, the film has received much criticism for not being what you would call a regular film instead it acts as a two-hour infomercial promoting Harvey’s self-help relationship guide.

Especially when he pops up to provide tips to the audience which others will deem distracting but for me personally I felt it gave the film a realistic approach connecting the audience to the fictional characters and being able to relate to some of their dating dilemmas.

Amongst the likes of Kelly Rowland and Keri Hilson making special celebrity cameos, Chris Brown makes an appearance but considering his track record with Rihanna you would think he’d have learned a thing or two from Harvey’s book.

Thankfully the main cast members make up for the film’s cliché setbacks with their likeability and witty humour in particular Kevin Hart, with his funny one-liners, who plays a divorced misogynist who ironically ends up running back to his former missus.

Without a doubt it makes for an interesting watch revealing the tricks and trades of how to gain or maintain a healthy relationship whilst understanding how a man and woman’s mind operates in the love department.

For a light-hearted rom-com minus the soppy tears and with plenty of laughs this film proves entertaining for both the ladies and men.

Think Like A Man scores a 3 out of 5.

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