The Formal Jogger Has Landed

The summer weather may not be treating us very nicely this year but the summer trends are doing quite the opposite. With the increasing desire amongst us fashionistas to be seen as ‘Vintage’, it seems that we’re taking a step back to the 80’s. Since the Spring/Summer catwalk erupted at the beginning of the year with the predicted looks for the 2 seasons, formal joggers have been taking over. Some do bare a resemblance to silky pajamas so one has to be quite daring to showcase this look.

The era of the 80’s was hugely dominated by printed leggings and trousers teamed with over-sized sweatshirts and blazers. We all look back through our loved ones’ photos and cringe in reaction to their fashion choices that they made in the past. Ironically, those ‘faux pas’ moments have been withdrawn and the tables have turned. Since the 80’s there may have been slight alterations with patterns and prints where the designs were concerned, however the shapes have remained.

Many of the formal joggers that we see on the high-street brought to us from the fashion catwalks, have structured panelling down the sides of the legs to keep them formal. Once teamed with a pair of wedges or high heels, these trousers can be transformed for evening wear.

‘Erdem’ are a brand who have fantastic consistency when it comes to their designs. They create shapes and patterns so successfully that their immaculate designs can be spotted within a quick glance. ‘Erdem’ showcased some beautiful printed, casual trousers for their Spring/Summer 12 fashion show. Phillip Lim was seen demonstrating his adaptation of  the printed trousers also with his ‘3.1 Phillip Lim’ collection. Although he decided to favour a ‘pajama-trouser’ trend more slightly. The high-street has produced some brilliant adaptations of the catwalk Formal Jogger. Topshop have created some beautiful viscose formal joggers for very affordable prices ( I own a pair myself). Viscose does not compare to the texture of silk but the appearance is fabulous.

On some occasions the Formal Jogger can be quite difficult to ‘pull-off’ depending on your body shape. If you vary the structuring of the jogger then you can create a complimenting outfit. Slim shapes are more likely to be able to wear a Formal jogger without much panelling or tailoring, whereas larger shapes may find it more flattering to chose a jogger with structured sides and hems to avoid creating shapes that are unflattering.

Pair your Formal Jogger trousers with minimalist designs on top to keep that focus on your fabulous  legs!

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