Edward’s and Bella’s Daughter Revealed

It’s good news for all Twilight saga fans! Finally the pictures of Bella and Edward’s daughter, Renesmee are out. For a long time now, Twilight fans all around the world were curious to know who would play the role of Edward and Bella’s daughter.

Mackenzie Foy, who plays the half-vampire and half-human daughter in ‘Breaking Dawn 2’, looks exactly like her onscreen parents. The first pictures that are out depict the Cullens as a happy family. Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward) in the pictures is seen placing a protective arm on Foy, sending a message that the Cullens would risk anything to protect their daughter.

Mackenzie said that she enjoyed playing the role of Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, since the character she portrays is a sweet, shy girl who loves her parents and is ready to do anything, even fight, for them.

Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella) said that she was surprised to see the striking resemblance with Mackenzie Foy. She was also amazed to see that Foy’s hands looked exactly like hers. The resemblance with the little girl helped Stewart get into the skin of the character and emote naturally with the 11 year old Mackenzie. Twilight fans are also curious to know how Stewart has played the role of a human-turned vampire in ‘Breaking Dawn 2’.

Kristen said that she owes all her fame and recognition to the makers of Twilight and feels sad that the Twilight saga has finally come to an end. The 22 year old actress has already finished shooting for the last Twilight movie, ‘Breaking Dawn 2’. Kristen was also appreciated for her acting in the recent movie ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. Stewart and Pattinson also received the best kiss award at MTV Movie Awards.

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