The Fighter is More About Family Sentiments Film Review

The Fighter, directed by David O Russell, is based on the real-life incidents involving a boxer named Micky Ward. Ward (played by Mark Wahlberg) lives in Lowell, a working class town. Micky considers his brother Dicky Eklund (played by Christian Bale), a former boxer, to be his trainer and idol. Alice (played by Melissa Leo), their mother, works as Ward’s manager. We find that Eklund is a drug addict and Alice is a chain smoker and a drinker who still lives in the lost glory of her elder son.

Due to the condition in his family, Micky is not able to chase his dreams until he meets Charlene (played by Amy Adams), who helps him focus on his boxing career. Though Micky’s family is dysfunctional, we can get glimpses of hope and love among the family members. The movie touchingly portrays how  the family adjusts and deals with financial issues on each day. Though the focus of the movie is about boxing, many underlying themes like sacrifice, love, compromise and loss have been emphasized throughout the film.

The Fighter has the finest star cast with each actor giving their best for their character. Though Micky is a person with a straight jacketed character, Wahlberg has treated it with composure and restraint. The Fighter is not just a sports movie or an underdog film which has received many positive reviews. It is a movie which works on different levels. It depicts how winning is not everything in a game and it is possible to win even after losing. It shows that with determination and willpower, one can achieve anything.

If you go to the movie, with a hangover of The Wrestler by Rourke, you might be disappointed. The Fighter is more of a sentimental movie, and will be appreciated by those who have battled their weaknesses and emerged as winners.

We rate this move at 4 out of 5.

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